SynchChaos September: Fragments of Reality

Welcome to the September issue of Synchronized Chaos, ‘The Temple of Reality’. Why ‘Temple of Reality’? Well, many of the works submitted this month represent facets of real-world existence through art, poetry and prose, through a creative and innovative lens. They are each slices of life, drawn from individual experience and insight. There is also a decidedly religious strain running through some of these works, as in Rebecca Scharlach’s Judaism-steeped poetry, and SN Jacobson’s Christian allusions that appear in some of his photographs.

This month, our contributions include the artwork and photography of Lilian Cooper and SN Jacobson; the guilelessly enchanting Edible Ensemble by Hobie Owen; Rebecca Scharlach’s evocative and haunting poetry; Lyndsey Ellis’s poetic character sketches; and Brooke Cooley’s autobiographical piece, ‘How Hurricane Charley lead to Eat, Pray, Love‘.

We at Synchronized Chaos hope that you enjoy this month’s submissions! Happy Reading!