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Limitless Sensitivity explores how sensitivity overload can often lead to fearlessness. Contributors this month uniquely show how severe observation is processed differently from one individual to the next: brightness, darkness, sweet, sour. Megalomania is also a consequence of this type of sensitivity.

There are several short stories this moth, including The Hidden World, by Mark Russell Gelade, and Lost Souls (Part 1), by J’Rie Elliott. In George Sparling’s energetic piece Lush, the main character is impulsive and intentionally self-degrading. Additional writing includes Glitter on Glue, by Brian M. Barbeito.

You can catch Leena Prasad’s monthly column by clicking here. Whose Brain Is It? Presented within the flow of the lives of fictional characters, this is a monthly column with a journalist’s perspective on brain research.

If photography is more your style, check out the article by Suzanne Birrell. Birrell recently attended a lecture on aerial photography by Charles (Cris) Benton, Professor of Architecture at University of California, Berkeley.

Also this month, we have two poetry contributions, from Linda Allen and Danny P. Barbare.

In Reviews…


  • J’Rie Elliot on Portrait of a Girl and Her Art, by Elena Caravela
  • Nicole Arocho on Solidarity With The Flesh Eating Mosaic And Other Poems, by Raj Dronamraju


  • Bruce Roberts on Michael Londra’s Celtic Yuletide at the Marines’ Memorial Theatre in San Francisco, California
  • Katherine Merriweather on Devaa Haley Mitchell’s album, Sacred Alchemy

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