“The Cowboy and His Lady Love”: A poem by J’Rie Elliott


“The cowboy and his lady love”
Dedicated to: Roy and Linda Davis


The cowboy told his lady love,
“For you I’d rope the stars.
I’d throw my lasso into the air,
and make their twinkle ours.
I’d keep them in a jar for you;
So their light could shine—
I’d keep them in that jar for you;
So they are yours and mine.”
But stars do not come easily,
Nor are ropes long enough to fly—
But that did not detour the cowboy
From getting those stars in the sky.

Years passed by and with the years,
Came gray hair and grandkids.
And with each year he tried to reach,
The stars that from him hid—

Until the day he could no longer wait;
And the stars he went to rope—
But he left behind his ladylove,
And she wondered how she’d cope.

But a promise he had made to her–
A twinkle in a jar,
And he went to grab that twinkle,
Then watch her from afar.

Though Ladylove, please do not cry,
But know your cowboy’s love was true,
He had to go to heaven,
To rope that star for you.


J’Rie Elliott is a mother, wife, daughter, and accomplished horseback rider from Alabama, USA. She can be reached at dixiepoet@gmail.com