Three articles from Patsy Ledbetter, natural medicine, gratitude, and community service


Peppermint oil

All my life I have been plagued with various ailments. You name it.. Stomach trouble, varicose veins, sleep issues, hormone problems, ulcers, weight issues. After researching and finding out natural cures to most of these ailments I can branch out and help others with some of their problems…..I have discovered that the products that have helped me the most are things that have been around for hundreds of years. I have taken garlic capsules for several years now and I know that they have really improved my immune system. I also use lots of peppermint oil…especially for relief of headaches and stomach issues. I put peppermint drops in my water.

I have also discovered that clove oil is very helpful to the immune system and can keep you healthy and heal toothaches and gum problems. Oregano oil is good for shingles, eucalyptus oil and Roman chamomile are great for relieving breathing problems.

Cinnamon is great in helping one to metabolize sugar and it is
also great for diabetes. Ginger helps the joints and stomach and salmon oil is great for joint pain as is calcium.

For help with sleep, valerian root is helpful, as is tryptophan. Melatonin is also helpful. I just want you all to know that I am writing this article to help others overcome some of the same health issues I have dealt with.

Change your attitude and be filled with joy

There are many times when our ungrateful attitude makes us unhappy. I remember hearing about a little five year old girl who asked her mother….”Are you going to change your mind from mad to grateful?”

That is the question the Lord asks us everyday….It helps me to go and find someone less fortunate to help…I met a lady named Susie who had been homeless, living on the streets for ten years. She has a skin disease so no one will hire her. Many shelters will not take her in.

My heart broke for her, I gave her some money and tried to tell her Jesus could heal her. She did not want to hear so I prayed for her and bid her farewell. All night I was thinking about what it would be like to spend a cold night on the street. I prayed for her.

God is a good God of miracles so I know He will work on her behalf. I thanked him with a new sense of gratitude for my home and my family and most of all, my faith in Him which means everything to me.

Over the holidays, my adrenaline was way too high….Between practicing for a large production at a large church, substitute teaching and family gatherings, I found myself running a red light before I even realized what I had done. I breathed a sigh of relief that not a single person was around when I did it. About two weeks later, I got an electronic ticket in the mail with the request to pay 440 dollars or go to traffic court.

So on a very cold December morning at 5am, I waited in line for three hours for traffic court. Once I got there, I waited two more hours to get my  32 hours of community service, traffic school and some fines assigned to me. I began working off my community service hours at a church thrift store and was frustrated when no  one could decide what they wanted me to do. I did what I  could for a few days, but my attitude needed some adjustment.

The next day, I met Mariella, a young mother from Argentina and in three hours she  transformed the linen section to an area of beauty. What she said I will always remember….”God wants us to do whatever job He gives us for His glory. It doesn’t matter what the job is, we are to do it with excellence, and that is what I am here to do today.” She did and I will never forget the beautiful young girl who inspired me to be all I can be for God’s glory.

Patsy Ledbetter lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and may be reached at