Transcendent images from Reuben Rutledge



“You can never step into the same river twice”




     The Dreamer dreams. The Dreamer is the dream. The dream is that of the Transcendant. This cannot be known by mundane reason. It can only be known by a leap into the Transcendant. They can only be known from the ciphers of existenz. Art, these photographs, are ciphers of the Transcendant. They speak in the deepest of metaphysical terms. To create a work of Art is to leap into the Transcendant.  This transcendant is called by various names in the Languages of mundane existence: God, the Buddha Nature, the One, the Brahman, yet its true nature cannot be known except through the ciphers. These are hence interpreted by Language, which calls out the Transcendant into Truth. This Truth is subjective to culture. Yet the Languages of culture can never know it.  These photographs, altered as they are, express their unknowability.  They are metaphysical studies of the subjects chosen. Various techniques have been used to express this unknowability. They are but a dream that the Dreamer dreams. They are ciphers of Ultimate Reality.


Reuben L. Rutledge


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