Two short vignettes from Patsy Ledbetter

Tori and Mateo

Yesterday I taught blind and deaf children. They inspired me. The blind and deaf He’s given joy. I saw the girl. I heard the boy. They offered a gift. I received…I adored…For my sight and hearing I praise the Lord. I can see His creation and hear His songs. I can sing His praises all day long.
Tori and Mateo inspired. Mateo is deaf and has amazing facial expessions. I kept thinking of what it would be like to never hear a symphony or laughter. Oh God, I’m so grateful for my hearing. Tori had just a tiny bit of hearing and vision. She was in constant motion. She never stopped moving all day long. I had such a deep love for her and I barely knew her. I knew it was the love of Jesus. I thank God for these children who have so much to give.

Tennis Shoes on Telephone Wires

For about two years now I have been taking prayer walks around my neighborhood, talking to God and praying.  Everytime I walk around the block I notice two old pairs of tennis shoes tied together and hanging on telephone  wires not far from my home.  Those four shoes have been there through rain, sun, storms and wind.  They have been there when I was so inspired with life I thought I would burst.  They have been there when I have felt anger, discouragement and despair.  Throughout all the ups and downs of life, the tennis shoes have remained in the same place….always hanging and dangling from the wires.  God’s love and grace remain the same no matter what the circumstances in our lives and  in spite of our human experience.  We may call on Him night or day.  He will always hear and delight to listen to us.  The words we say are often rejected or disregarded by others as unimportant, but our God always wants to listen to us and speak to us through His word, the Bible.
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