UC Davis environmental festival seeks recycled material donations for kids…also Canvas Ghosts of San Jose open to submissions for juried art show!

Announcement from my alma mater, UC Davis, which hosts an annual art/music/cultural/social justice/environmental festival called the Whole Earth Festival every Mother’s Day weekend. They’re looking for recyclable donations for their children’s activity center, Kidspace…announcement below.
Party people!  What up!

This year Kids Space will be creating an ongoing paper mache project throughout the festival, radical!  But in order for it to actually happen I need all of you to be kind enough to donate some trash/recycle bin items for the cause.  Thanks for making WEF the iriest event around!
Please start saving your:
cereal boxes
toilet paper rolls
egg cartons
strawberry baskets
any other throw away/recycle things with a good surface for placing wet pieces of newspaper on

also, if you have an abundance of kid friendly paint or paint brushes that you would be willing to donate to Kids Space I will be majorly stoked!
Catch y’all, thanks again,
*If you are near Davis, CA you may feel free to bring items by the Kidspace tent on the Quad (UC Davis campus lawn area, central campus near the Memorial Union.) Ask anyone on campus – One Shields Avenue – and they can direct you to Kidspace or leave them in the main Whole Earth Festival tent.
Next announcement…juried art show, call for submissions!
Canvas Ghost Productions in San Jose, CA seeks artists to produce two dimensional visual pieces related to the theme of “Allusions/Illusions.” As far as I know there is no residency requirement or entrance fee for this show…the deadline for submission of email images/the submission form is September 1, 2009 and the art drop-off date is October 3rd.
The show will be held October 10th at 992 South 8th Street, San Jose, CA. The South Bay has a thriving art scene, although quirky at times…and I’d love to see it get more publicity!
More information is available on their website: http://www.canvasghost.com/October_2009_Show.html