“Vertical Horizons”: Art from Frédéric Choisel

Chrysler Building No. 1


Chrysler Building No. 2


Lexington No. 2






Post Street


Frédéric Choisel offers the following artist’s statement:

My aim is to elevate the commonplace to a heightened perspective through this series of six abstracted urban landscapes. Inspired by New York City, the “beautiful monster,” I slowly developed a sense of place and time on large works on paper through the use of multiple layers of graphite, charcoal, shellac, ink and pastels.

Our familiar horizons vanish in a metropolitan city and our eyes become accustomed to moving upward in search of ground. Depicting the passages of light that provide a sense of balance in an urban setting, with an impression of something beyond human scale, I call these pieces “Vertical Horizons.”