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Alison Nancye’s Note to Self

Author Alison Nancye

The book is called Note to Self by Alison Nancye, and it tells the fictional story of a 39 year old single woman named Beth, who has been beaten by the world in more ways than one. Finally being fed up with the losers for men in her life, her job, and the chains of her own past, she packs up everything from Sydney, Australia,and moves to Peru and starts a completely new life, in which she learns to embrace the culture, people, and learns to really live again. I feel I can relate to the character of Beth, as that was me BEFORE I got away from my abusive environment, and got the help I needed. I think the one scene I can relate to the most, is her falling down in the middle of a crowded street in downtown Sydney, and NO ONE caring. This book ultimately not only re-affirmed my faith in the Lord, and how He has given me so much healing from my past, but reminded me of how He gave me the courage to step out on faith and attend PBU (Now Cairn University), develop a backbone with not only my own parents, but also other men (the right way), ultimately leading to the day I met Ricky Saddler, my husband. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is in this situation, and wants to spread their wings, whether for the first time, or again.

Alison Nancye’s Note to Self is available here, from New Jersey’s Turn the Page Publishing: http://turnthepagepublishing.com/books/note-to-self/#.UcYtx_nrz7S

Wendy Saddler is a reader, anti-corruption and pro-domestic peace social activist, and an assistant literary publicist from Bensalem, Pennsylvania. She may be reached at blondetrekkie@comcast.net