Entrepreneur selling clothes/textiles and accessories for women and children


Hi, I am a single mother, & proprietor for the past six years of (an at home) small business called Peanoonies. I design & sew women’s & children’s clothing & accessories.I also sell really fun, beautiful textiles. I lost my small business during a divorce this last year, but have restarted it online through an Etsy shop.

Any how, I have created a web page on Kickstarter.com. It is a format for people to raise money for their creative projects.It is an attempt to get back what I have lost, and be financially stable for myself & kids.On this site you will find a description of my project, a brief biography, a one minute video of myself and links to pictures of my work & my web site.

Please check it out.I have 90 days to raise my goal of $2,200.( I have raised $1450 so far & only have 30 days left) If I make it I get to keep the funds raised, & use them for the business project described.If I do not meet the goal, then I get nothing & the whole thing is canceled.You can contribute as little as $1. I have lots of handmade textile creations, and silk screened goods I am giving as thank you gifts.Silk screened cards,t-shirts,textiles,yoga mat bags,retro clothespin bags, & a handmade vintage replicated baby crib set for a $195 pledge.

My motivation for having my home business back is to be available for my oldest son who is often hospitalized with C.F. Also I have a 6 year old son who I sure would like to be with far more than I am.

I am currently in a 6 month work/school program through Goodwill. I am working on getting my GED, and am also temporarily employed at a non profit.The plan is to go to college next fall, while I support myself & family with this business. Thanks for taking the time to read this & look at my sites. http://kck.st/czz2Ny

I also now have a face book fan page where you can see 300 photos of my work.Please check it out and become a fan!

This is my web site that I sell from.

Comedian looking for writing partner


Hi there,
I am looking for a writer to write with with me some materials for a stand-up show (i would be the one on stage). I have already some materials but when it come to writing i am kind of lazy and i am better working with a partner if we click together right away. Of course, there’s no pay, it’s just for the fun of it but we might get a lot of it who knows.
If you think you have some funny ideas, contact me and let’s work together but be careful…comedy is a serious business. comm-nurkv-1657757864@craigslist.org

Comic writer seeks artist for collaboration


Writer meets artist.

Writer and artist come up with an idea, flesh out concepts, characters, writing/art styles, design specifications. Writer creates scripts, sends to artist. Artist draws strip, sends back to writer. Writer letters. Both review, put up for instant fame and fortune.

I did this for a few years previously. First by myself, then with some artists from SJSU. I’d like to do it again. If you’re nearby, that’s great. If not, it can still work. I was an English major, coordinated poetry workshops for a year, and currently write song lyrics/melodies. I have experience with comics and writing in general.

I really don’t want to wear a suit.

This is me, if you’d like to take a look. www.myspace.com/sanchezmichaels

Request for a student doing a project on arts marketing..take this survey, comment with your responses to help educate others here!


I am a student in Tucson, AZ and I am trying to collect research data from across the country on how artists in the art & design fields market themselves.

Below is the link to a very brief survey (only 8 questions!). I would appreciate your participation and answers as it would greatly help me with my research project.

survey of art & design fields http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5RNQC8T

Thank you in advance for your help!


Referential Magazine seeks written poetry and prose submissions

Referential Magazine was launched January 20th 2010.
http://referentialm agazine.com/

Since our launch we have released one “issue” which included a featured poem as well as several “referred” poems and one “referred” story.

We are currently open for referred material as well as for a new featured piece.

For more detailed guidelines please visit referentialmagazine .com/guidelines

In brief we are looking for:

Referred material – you can choose any piece of writing on our site (or an individual word/phrase in a piece) to refer another piece of art. This can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comix, stage/screen, photography, art, mixed media, audio/video. The idea of referring is open to wide interpretation. We read for referred material year round.

Featured – We will be reading during the month of April for a new featured piece to debut in May. A featured piece does not have to refer to any of the other writing but just needs to be your best writing.

Again, please check out our guidelines but email us at <refermag(at) gmail.com>
(replace (at) with @) for questions and submissions.

Poetry submissions sought related to the theme of exploring “The Other”

Call for Poetry Submissions: Knocking at the Door

Knocking at the Door: Approaching the Other seeks fresh work exploring the theme of reconciling and/or coming to an understanding with the Other as it appears in all aspects of life: personal, political and societal. We want honest chronicles of your struggles to come to terms with the Other in all its forms and your sense of humor. Some of the editor’s favorite authors include Rilke, Ilya Kaminsky, Jack McCarthy and Harryette Mullen, but most of all we love poems with a unique voice of their own that defy categorization.

Think along the lines of Daphne Gottlieb in her book “Final Girl”, Margaret Atwood’s “Solstice Poem”, Paul Celan, Tess Gallagher’s “Conversation with a Fireman from Brooklyn” or Patricia Smith’s “Skinhead”. We’re less interested in poems written to reflect the woe or angst of the persona than poems reaching to understand and explore the world outside.

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions will be accepted from February 15, 2010 to May 15, 2010
No previously published work or simultaneous submissions, please.
Send your submissions via an email to <poetryeditors( at)buddhapussink .com> (replace (at) with @)
with the subject line “Submission for Knocking at the Door from <your name>” and an attached file in .doc or .rtf format including:

Your name & contact information
A brief author bio
3 – 5 poems, 10 pages maximum, single-spaced in at least 12 pt. font. We will think less of you if you use Comic Sans.

Any submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered.
Notifications will be sent out via email in August 2010.
Payment for publication of accepted poems: 2 copies of the completed anthology in which your work appears.

Send your best words our way! We read and choose writing democratically, pluralistically, ecumenically; therefore, we like to print a mix of writing regardless of its form, genre, school, or politics. We publish newcomers and established writers alike.

– Lisa Sisler & Lea C. Deschenes, Knocking at the Door Editors

Breakwater Review, Massachusetts literary journal, seeks written submissions

The editors at Breakwater Review, a literary journal at the MFA program at UMass Boston, is seeking high-quality poetry and prose for our summer issue. We are accepting submissions of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction through our online submissions manager until our May 1 deadline.
Here’s a link:
http://breakwaterre view.com/ submission_ mgr/

Writers should submit up to 5,000 words of fiction, up to 3,000 words of nonfiction, or up to five poems.

We will also consider interviews and reviews, but please query first by emailing us at <breakwaterreview( at)gmail. com> (replace (at) with @)

To check out the great writers in the current issue of Breakwater Review, and to get an idea of the type of work we’re interested in, check us out at: http://breakwaterre view.com/

We look forward to reading your work!