Essay from Guzal Sunnatova

Central Asian high schoolers and teachers dressed in skirts and black pants and blouses and coats and collared shirts. Male teachers are in ties.
The student team members

I am grateful to you, my “Qaqnus”! ✨

I remember when I was a 10-year-old girl. I used to blame myself for something. In our school, I used to participate in the “Yosuman” club organized by my sister Jasmina. It was thanks to this sister that I took the first steps to “Qaqnus”. There I met a teacher named Beknazar. He did not want to be addressed as “teacher”. That’s why we used to call him “brother”. In the last months of 2018, I became an official member of the “Qaqnus” club. According to Beknazar brother, this name was named after the historical Qaqnus bird. That is, when this bird knows that its death is near, it burns and turns into ashes, and from these ashes, a new Qaqnus polapon appears. I heard that this is how Qaqnus got the name “bird of eternity”. In addition, this bird has 100 holes in its beak. Different tunes come out of all these holes when the Qaqnus sings. The 100 different sounds coming out of the beak of this bird can be seen that more than 100 students coming to our circle have different talents. The club had become an integral part of my life. The uniqueness of the environment here, the fact that I got close to my friends was a great light on light.

When I first stepped into the club, when I was just holding a pen in my hand, brother Beknazar gave my first poem to be published in the district newspaper “Gallaorol Ovozi”. As luck would have it, my poem was published a week later, and it was my first achievement. As I continued to create, brother Beknazar said: “Today you are enthusiastic, tomorrow you will be a leader! Don’t get tired of trying!” His words gave me strength. My efforts were not in vain. My first author’s book called “Journey to the Mysterious World” is proof of this. In addition, my creative works were published in many Bayoz books. I participated in various competitions. I do not complain about my achievements. My “Qaqnus” has a big contribution in this, of course! I have been a member of this family for almost 6 years. I am very happy about it. Brother Beknazar always shouted: “This place is a pigeon house! You come once, and when you find your way, you fly away again. Another one will come tomorrow.” It’s true. When I came here, I found my closest friends here, I became brothers and sisters. Our family is very large. I can tell you that this year, God willing, it will be 11 years since the creation of this circle, which includes artists from 7 to 70 years old.

So, there is a lot to say about our family. Therefore, come to our circle, we will definitely be waiting for you.

Once again, thank you for everything, “Qaqnusim!”

Smiling young adult Central Asian woman, hair up in a bun and a puffy black coat. She's outside on a green lawn.
Guzal Sunnatova

©Guzal Sunnatova Shuhrat’s daughter was born on January 12, 2007 in Republic of Uzbekistan. She has been practicing writing poetry since her 12 years old. Her poems regularly published in newspapers and magazines such as “Mushtum”, “Gulkhan”, “Guncha”, “Bilag’on”, “Bulbulcha”. Guzal Sunnatova published her poems on book of collection “Gallalar orolida”, “Yosh ijodkorlar” and her riddles on various topics have also published collection of ”Riddles”. She is winner of more than 20 republican competitions. Her future goals are become writer and ambassador.

Poetry from Tolquinboyeva Odinaxon


Imaginations run wild
From the poets
Tears flow from the eyes
From the trembling of the drowsy heart. 

Suddenly sleepy souls
Immediately open your eyes
Alisher passed Babur
From the exclamation of figures. 


This is the sun in the sky
Always is shining
Autumn has come
The wind is howling

The moment you know autumn has arrived
Rushes to school everyone. 
The first bell rings
But we avoid the lesson

Essay from Baratov Quvonchbek

Central Asian man, young, with straight dark hair and a suit, coat, and tie.
Baratov Quvonchbek

Media literacy (impact on youth and related measures)

 In recent years, the increase in the flow of information several times, the increase of positive information as well as negative information has made it necessary to have media literacy. Traditionally, media literacy consisted of a person’s ability to analyze literary works and create quality texts. Today, media literacy means knowing why and for what information is transmitted.

Why is media literacy necessary? First of all:

To understand the essence of the reforms implemented as a full-fledged, active citizen of our legal democratic society!

Avoiding the control of human consciousness through information. In any situation, it is necessary to find the right decision-making measures and to find answers to the questions of what purposes the information is being transmitted and whose interests it represents!

There are different opinions about the concept of media literacy. It is noted that 《Media Literacy》 is the ability of a person to be active and literate while feeling his responsibility as a citizen in society, to be able to receive, create, analyze and evaluate media texts, to be able to understand the social, cultural and political content of modern media. means! English political scientist R. Kibey understands media literacy as the transmission of information in various forms, their analysis and evaluation. In our opinion, media literacy is a conscious approach to sorting information transmitted through mass media together with highly expressed opinions.

Currently, media education is needed to break the concept of media literacy to young people. to include the concept and basics in the curriculum of each educational institution, to explain its basics to children in the form of interactive games during preschool education, to enable the growing generation to choose what is necessary in the intense flow of information and evaluate it with a critical approach will give. This, in turn, will be the basis for the further strengthening of the citizenship position of young people in the future, the ability to make an impartial assessment of the events happening in the world and make the right decision. 

Essay from Madina Fayzullayeva

Young Central Asian woman with long straight dark hair, dark eyes, and a white collared shirt.
Madina Fayzullayeva


Scientific research work is scientific development related to research, research, experiments for the purpose of obtaining new knowledge, testing hypotheses, establishing laws, scientific justification of projects. As a rule, basic and exploratory work is not included as scientific work, but based on them, ideas are generated that can be turned into practical research projects.

This website helps young researchers learn how to organize and structure their research papers. The current state of project development – research, experiments, preliminary tests, etc. have been conducted on the project. Through this site, young people who are researching are learning to form the knowledge and skills they have acquired in their fields and directions in accordance with the requirements of IMRAD for free. According to the results of the experiment, the project is being gradually improved.

In order to further improve this project, it is necessary to inform all pedagogues and young scientific researchers, exchange experience, improve it further, and present it to a wider audience. By exchanging experience with various qualified pedagogues and expanding the project, it is now possible to prevent young researchers from being deceived by some fake fake journals and inflated prices due to various partners.

A special website created for our project: LINK (

With respect to the “Online learning” project, it improved the mechanism of organizing and developing the educational process based on digital technologies. You can see a number of courses that will help to introduce digital technologies into education based on the English language, which is currently becoming a demand level of the educational process. Offering online learning is a great, revolutionary alternative to traditional training. And corporations have taken notice. In fact, up to 90% of use a form of online learning today, compared to just 4% in 1995. And the e-learning market is predicted to grow another 8% by 2026!

Our Online English program can be a great solution for you if you seek a complete, online English courses. This program will help you to get the best lessons and methods to learn English online. We provide a wide range of websites as well as in-depth corrections so nothing is left to chance in your learning. This is a very good way to improve quickly and efficiently. If you feel confident enough, Online English also enables you to prepare and successfully pass various certifications. What are you waiting for? Hop on with us and let’s practice English together!

Our mission is To develop suggestions and recommendations regarding the organization and development of the educational process based on digital technologies based on the English language, which is currently becoming a demand level of the educational process.

This project can serve as a methodological recommendation for the use of digital technologies in the educational process for everyone.

A special website created for our project: LINK (   

Founder of projects such as “Scientific work” and “Online learning”, as well as, master’s student in the field of “Management of educational institutions” in the faculty of Pedagogy of Chirchik State Pedagogical University in Uzbekistan – Madina Fayzullaeva. Her scientific work on “Organization and development of the educational process based on digital technologies” has been published in more than 50 scientific works in SCOPUS, Higher Attestation Commission magazines, international and republican magazines, conference collections. She created this project based on these experiences.

Author: Madina Fayzullaeva master’s student in the faculty Pedagogy of Chirchik State of Pedagogical University

Essay from Meylieva Zebiniso

Young Central Asian woman in a short green dress and black stockings, in a wheelchair. She's posing in front of a bannister and painted walls and a chandelier.
Meylieva Zebiniso


In the name of Mirzo Ulugbek

National University of Uzbekistan

2nd stage student Meiliyeva Zebiniso

ABSTRACT: This article provides information about the role of pedagogy and psychology in improving the quality and effectiveness of education and the formation of a mature generation.

Key words: pedagogical technology, pedagogical approach, educational technology, “Chain game”, “Brainstorming”, “Thoughts attack”, “Networks” method, “Sinquain”, “BBB”, “Fifth plus” , “6x6x6”, “Discussion”, “Role-playing game”, “Working in small groups”, “Brain-ring”.

Personality maturity is characterized by having physical, mental, political, legal, moral, ecological and aesthetic aspects. These aspects of maturity occur unevenly, that is, at different rates. For example, the physical maturity of a person is almost the same as it was 50 thousand years ago. However, in the mental maturity of a person, due to the development of thinking, very large positive (forward) shifts have been observed. Pedagogy studies the development of personality together with all its components. If we look at the history of mankind, there has been pedagogical activity in all periods. The birth of a person is not only a natural-biological event consisting of birth, but after birth, rising to the level of development of one’s time, acquiring the existing socio-historical experience, determining one’s place in society, becoming an active participant in the historical process. becomes In this process, the older generation begins to transfer its experience of life, struggle and work, knowledge and skills to the younger generations[1].

The process of development, formation and maturation of a newborn child was guided and managed. This was done through a social phenomenon called education. As the society developed, the need to cultivate mature, well-rounded individuals also increased and changed, updated, and served the society. Creation of educational institutions at different stages of society, goals and tasks of education, state education standards, methods of education and education, forms of organization, knowledge of its laws, became an informative science. The main task of education and training is to realize the intellectual and practical potential of young people, to show their creative abilities, to ensure their intellectual development, to choose the profession they want, to master it perfectly, and to work happily in this field. consists of creating material, spiritual, educational and didactic conditions. Specific tasks of each link, type and stage of education arise from this general task[2].

Independence made great changes in the field of public education as well as in all fields. Now our national pedagogy is developing rapidly. From time immemorial, our ancestors paid special attention to child education. Al-Bukhari, At-Tirmizi, Beruni, Az-Zamakhshari, Nawai, Babur, Agohi, Abdullah Awlani, great scholars, writers, virtuous scholars, wrote many works on education. They focus on national characteristics in education. Personal maturity is a complex, long-lasting conflicting process characterized by a dialectical transition from quantitative changes to qualitative changes in the physical, mental and spiritual characteristics of a person. Personality development is a general scientific category of the sciences of psychology and pedagogy, while psychology explains the laws of spiritual development of a person, and pedagogy creates a theory of managing the development of a person with the goal of forming a perfect person and a perfect generation. not studied at the level. It is known from history that Eastern pedagogy once flourished. When the German scientist Herler said, “The East is the author of Europe”,[3] he probably meant these periods of development. In our country, the upbringing of a mature generation is of great importance in the establishment of a democratic legal state and civil society. It is important to create a healthy social environment, to fundamentally reform the education system, to restore and honor national and universal human values ​​in the education of young people, who are the foundation of our future. in a word, it is possible to self-realize, to live in a free and free society, to selflessly fight for our independent country to occupy a worthy and prestigious place in the world community. Pedagogy develops based on the development laws of society. Today, this process has reached its peak. In particular, the work being done to establish a legal state shows that the national consciousness is rising day by day. As long as the human consciousness does not progress, no change is felt in the aspects of social life. Already, “Only a truly enlightened person can selflessly realize the human value, the values ​​of the nation, in a word, his identity, live in a free and free society, and take a dignified place in the international community of our independent country.” can fight”[4]

In short, today we have a “storehouse” of games, from simple games that develop the child physically to intellectual games that are popular among adults. With the use of all modern teaching technologies in games, the student quickly learns the conditions of the game and accepts the task assigned to him. In the process of fulfilling the rules of the game, the player has the opportunity to freely make his own optimal decisions in solving the problems in the game. In the process of using modern teaching technologies, the personal quality of the students will improve, the student will be able to improve his abilities in the future, be able to use them correctly in his professional activities, and of course create an opportunity to become a perfect person. effectively using the conditions created on the basis of such modern requirements, the organization of lessons on the basis of advanced pedagogical and information communication technologies guarantees the quality of the educational process. Professional skills are formed on the basis of acquired knowledge, activity skills and life experience. [5]In order to have a high spiritual and moral and professional qualification, a person should be able to set a specific goal and constantly search for it, read and learn. Only then will he become a qualified staff, resistant to social competition. Having a sense of self-awareness, being able to fully and effectively use the services in the field of education, and achieving thorough assimilation of scientific and professional knowledge create a foundation for a person to become a mature specialist. The perfection of a person, first of all, depends on him.


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Meylieva Zebiniso Mirkomilovna was born on June 4, 2003. She is a second-year student of the National University of Uzbekistan. Future Practical Psychologist. Her creative works have been distributed in numerous nations around the world Envoy on sake of Uzbekistan to a few worldwide organizations. Specifically: “SPSC-(Sustainable Programmers and Sustainable Collaborators). ambassador”, “GLOBAL GOODWILL AMBASSADOR 2023”. Member of the international organization “All India Council for Technical Skill Development” of India. IQRA FOUNDATION PEACE AMBASSADOR. 

 ACTIVE MEMBER of the Word Writers and Artists Working Group “JUNTOS POR LAS LETRAS

Story from Yoldosheva Farangiz

There was a boy named George. When he came home from school, he returned all the oil dirty and dirty. And he did his lessons in the evening when everyone went to bed. He would use this time to occupy himself with the telephone or television. He slept late at night and woke up late in the morning. When his parents told him to read, he was playing in the street. Nobody liked this. Day by day he became lazy and immoral. His teachers also sent a letter of complaint against him to his parents. He was told to find a solution.

His father heard this and cut off the TV in the house and took away his phone. His father brought him a book. And his father said to him: “I will give you one month to finish reading this book”. George, who finished the book brought by his father in 1 month, changed. Teachers were also surprised. “Is it possible to change a person in 1 month?” they said.George had changed completely. He finished the book that his father brought him and studied all the knowledge in it.took a place in the ranks of excellent students. He was among the activists of the school. He gained the respect and trust of his teachers. Everyone looked at him with pride. A day before graduation, there was a parent-teacher conference at school. George’s parents and himself also participated in it. his teachers said warm thoughts about George. They praised him. And George’s father was asked a question. “How did you manage to change your child for the better?”

George’s father” I turned off the TV in the house and took away the phone. I gave him a month’s respite. I brought him a book. I saw a change. I also gave away various books. Every month he finished reading one book. He would finish several within a month. I would take a book instead of saying no. I was happy. In the first grade, the diary of a child full of threes and twos was filled with Fives. I wanted to fly to the heavens with joy after hearing this. His mother was just crying. “Our child will change for the worse.” What now? He is crying with joy. He doesn’t know what to say. I am more impressed by what you just said. I am pleased. Many thanks to you too. I am proud of my son. I am proud to have such a son,” he shouted loudly. No one has ever seen a father who said these words with tears in his eyes. The whole hall trembled. Everyone cried and clapped. Father and son hugged each other and cried together.

 Graduation day. George’s father saw his son’s awards and gave him a car. Speaking to George, he told who and what was the cause of these achievements.George: “If my father had not taken the phone from my hand, turned off the TV, and given me books, I would not have achieved these achievements. My father works day and night for me. I did not even think about this work. I live by reading books. I saw how difficult it isI felt my father’s pains and sufferings. First of all, I set a goal. and i got it. That doesn’t mean it’s over. It means that there is more to come…” he said, and everyone was impressed by this and clapped. “One more thing, if you keep a book as a friend, it will always help no matter what and in what situation. 

Yo’ldosheva Farangiz was born on July 16, 2006 in Surkhandarya region, Sariosia district, Republic of Uzbekistan. She is studying in the 11th grade of the 12th school in the Sariasiya district.