Mixed media from Daniel De Culla

Large light brown Medieval style castle with turrets and ramparts up on a hilltop with some trees below.
Segovia Fortress, picture from Daniel De Culla


It is in the Segovia Fortrees

Perched on top of a rocky spur

At the confluence of the Eresma

And Clamores rivers:

In the window of the Queen’s Toilet

Facing the rugged rocks

Is looking out, very pretty

With a little creature in her arms

Rosina, the royal maiden

From Violante de Aragón

Wife of King Alfonso X of Castilla

Waiting for to come close to her

Timoteo the sweeper of the Aqueduct

Who, like a juggler, sings to her

Every day at Angelus time

To see of conquering her.

From his house in Zamarramala

To the rocks of the Alcazar

He has put a board

So when Rosina hangs up

And walk with him by the hand

Do not stain their shoes.

But, in a sad moment

Rosina, so in love with him

Has looked out so much

That, in a slight oversight

When the sun hit her in face

The little creature was released.

So Rosina, brave and fearful

Because the king would have hung her

If the little creature  

would have been killed

From the window she has been thrown

That being a little chubby

To the rock, before the creature

Has arrived

Falling the Little creature in her arms

Saving her without harming her

While Rosina died crumbling

With a smile on the lips

Unable to finish telling Timoteo

Her aqueduct sweeper

Who, saddened, was crying with tears:

-I plan to marry you,  my love

When I turn twenty

In the church of the Vera Cruz.

-Daniel de Culla