Mixed media from Daniel De Culla

Childlike drawing of a frog standing upright in a pond near fish and a bird and a woman and some plants.
Daniel De Culla’s Artwork



Because, since I was little

The kid was hunting

Of maidens and sparrows

His Fairy Godmother

Turned him into Amphibiam

Of land and water

As Alytes obstetricans

Male with eggs

Around the hind legs.

His hunting dogs

That they were from Anelidus

His grandfather

No longer followed him

Frightening birds and roe deer

So he wouldn’t hunt them.

His Fairy Godmother imposed

Two conditions

To be able to become, again

In a good looking man

A Sisenando of throne:

The first: to guess

What the bishop of Palencia

Wanted to say

When, sweety, he said

To his bulky housekeeper:

“Give to my Ass

That will come first. ”

The second: to write

On a pilgrim’s staff: baton

Or stick higher

That the height of a man

A pious litany.

If he met with a woman

Alone or penitent

From Malaga to Malagón

First, he should ask ker

If there was God

And if she answered him

That God is not

Me should read this litany

That, once read

She, smiling, would say:

-Come with me

To the sacred heights

To enjoy my sweet company.

Alytes obstreticans, with tears

On the baton wrote:

“Glorious Chestnut

That Your nymphs

Were seeds of  unity. “

“Divine Chubby

That with your big lips

And little lips

Call us endlessly:

Tell me, when I was a man:

Put Your’s in up to the end. ”

“Adored clam

That is really sown

Do that, in our days

Peace be firmer. ”

““ Rabbit of the Loren ”

That your two eyelets

Were a sun of darkness. ”

“Fervent cunt

Whit a boil of bitterness

That the voice “Pussy”

Encourage us

To take from side to side

The Truth of Loving

And if it stand in

To procreate like rabbits. ”

Alites obstetricans

Walked the roads

Stables and pens

From Malaga to Malagón

With every step he took

Less advanced

Not meeting

With the woman he craved

So he turned

Tiredness of sickness

To his town of Frómista

In Palencia

Returning, meek and humble

To possess the young girl

That he had left pregnant

To whom he called

My “Woodlouse”

But her name was Major

In memory of Queen Doña Major

Founder of the convent

Of Saint Martin

With its Romanesque church.

After reading

All the litany of the Baton

And she spoil him all

He became male

And like a Visigoth king

As an Ass felt in love with her

Still pregnant

Remaining his hunger and thirst

Fairly good

But not quite satiated

Leaving his eggs on the back

Of the maternal body

Looking Major

An American Pipe

Anurus or Batrachian

From damp sites

With embryos

In the dorsal bags.

-Daniel de Culla