Mixed media from Daniel de Culla

Childlike drawing of blue fish swimming around a covered yellow dinner plate. On the plate are various unidentifiable objects of various colors. A three-tined fork floats off to the bottom left.



Between Borneo and the Celebs

And between Bali and Lombock

Between continental islands

& Oceanic islands

Volcanic islands

& motherporic islands

Corpulent mammals had gathered

With some groups of Amphibians

Freshwater Fish and Mollusks

To a single plate table

With plastic plankton

As tasty morsel

Surrounded by birds and insects

Who have flown by:

Insects, Reptiles and small mammals

Arrived on floating objects


They talked about those terrestrial beings

Pilgrims of Life

And for life

From inn, hotel, river or beach

Beings for most of them garbage.

-They eat their own shit

And believe themselves gods

Said some, and anothers:

–One live to smell and others to taste.

They are disgusting beings, obscene, filthy

And ugly as they alone.

They only know how to talk about

Christian battles against the Moors.

Their loves as their beliefs and faith

Are a hell of a time.

They love, kill and rape

Like pigs that they are

Not caring to put Love

Through any of the holes

Of the One or the Another.

-Their desire is to destroy, stain

And dirty everything

Comment another.

-They look behind a mirror

And to justify their filthiness

Say that they are created by a god

Called Porras

Saying that he forgive them all

When the plain truth

Is that their origin comes to them

Of the crossing

Between bats and rats

And so they are so liars and charming.

A mysticetus whale

That did not reach a complete development

And therefore functional activity

Categorically stated:

–See these human beings

Some earthly and other aliens

Walking along the seashore

Or lying in the sand of the beaches

We can assure

That the origin of all of them

Comes from symbiosis

Between actinias and a hermit

(Pagurus striatus)

Or among the crab Dromia vulgaris

And the Suberites domuncula sponge

That masks it.

How have the face have the ass

Similar to the ass of the cute

Or that of Termitoxenia heimi

Termitephile diptera of India.

A cirriped seated on the shield

Of a sea turtle, said:

-Well, now, happy diners

Do the digestion

Of cellulose and plastics.

 And every species for itself¡   

-Daniel de Culla

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