Poetry from Daniel DeCulla

Older white man with thinning hair, a light orange collared shirt and a large chubby belly, uncovered. Next to him is a young white woman, with a black top and black pants. She has also uncovered her pregnant belly and has a tattoo on her side of red roses and what looks like film reels.
Daniel De Culla and his daughter? or daughter in law?


There are two Lives

Two bellies, to which more.

The one, by Isabelle

Waiting for a new life:

Kylian’s, boy, who, now

In the beautiful Isabelle’s belly

Is sucking his finger, no doubt

And that his first cry birthing

Will be: “To drink, to drink!”

Like the Rabelais’ Gargantua

At birth.

The other, by Daniel

Whose good is based on eating well

And at an incovenient time

In the Rabelais’ Pantagruel style

Who calls his belly “Thelema”

And it is very similar to him

In the Gustave Doré’s illustration

As do You see.

Those two bellies

Of Duchess and Duke

Are two “O” that we can pronounce

Happy seeing them.

Two wonders of Creation

That produce good effect.

Compelling reasons

That the life exists.

It is true that a child will come

With pleasure and with care

Hearing him, with joy, cry

Learning what birth is

Since then,

As true as that Daniel’s belly

So slender

Is making a thousand progress

Without lying to Pantagruel

Eternal companion of eaters

And convincing dinners

Converted, today and now

In an oracle

Of the divine bottle

From Ribera’s  wine.

-Daniel de Culla