Poetry from Eian Tsou


The gilded wings of sparrowhawks
Shade the stone of Solstice Canyon.
The birdsong of warblers
Carves trails to the waters
Beyond the flowing creek.

Cracked rock wandering past trees;
Brick huts built against the terrain, savoring
The privilege of seldom being seen.
This nonhuman nature wields a beauty
Caught and torn apart in human throats.

God forges peace above war and death,
Screaming silence over hoarse white noise.
–– Stillness stretches here, across rosewater.
But the story catches in my throat.
Let worthy fables whisper tired truths.

Eian Tsou is a current student studying in New York. His work has been acknowledged by organizations such as the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, JUST POETRY!!! Teen Ink, and the WEIGHT Journal. Outside of writing, Eian loves to volunteer, play with his dogs, kick around a soccer ball, and eat tasty foods.

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