Poetry from J.D. Nelson

Six Poems by J. D. Nelson

greener, still
detailed mazatavahn
rat restaurant
no earth in the sky
were you a look-alike, a liker of the world, wok a rook?
I was a new earthman


greener, still

ok, green
grocer machine

faster than asparagus kiwi
room for this in stomach “a”

the void fills up with plants and flowers
attracting birds and honeybees

earth ate its other shoe
skin would sky

there was once a cat
unreal the partial sat.

the spiral conveyor policy of the moon
my head is a lonely beast

mister fish
ice implants


detailed mazatavahn

walking and crawling creatures everywhere
the answer and ancho chile

pie walking for those in the light now
to shake the series of werewolves

hunting for it in the supermarket
I have been that old monster in my head

I see the things in the air
they are really there
they help me with my words

trying for a world is that all well you should have said so
working for words


rat restaurant

you know earth was too kind to the other planets
beat it all back with the stick we found in the arroyo

that long-ago hat is my favorite now
and earth eats hats like that

people asked where the sun went
and we didn’t know
so we told them that we’d have to wait

imagine the green sprout coming out of the earth
face rattled forest

you can say that we have the same face
taste tattled rat

that favorite time is the color of thinking
law lion


no earth in the sky

work pock the 90-second world
a demonstration of newfound powers

who doesn’t love homework?
who doesn’t have the helping gland?

for now earth steps backwards
the hand of the ghost working

knock locking the book looking
cradle a baby west of the nile

the paper noun
the uproar over antarctica falling off of the bottom of the planet 
and now for the wheel of ramen and rice to decide what’s for supper
startline rock in the outer space where the new people live

amplified lamp on top of my head
speak to the gargling hand


were you a look-alike, a liker of the world, wok a rook?

aero of the slots
we are in the science of the talking box
the standard face of the worried wolf
the slight apple of the cargo in the tank

lyons mike of that apple earth
cook the clock

a good phil of the rocks
hare was a milk rabbit of the happening half

wolf was a lather
the egg of the lasers

to stand for the pizza and the eclipse of the wrong name
the razzle of the dream

the lock of the western stripes
that lark is the shrimp of the moving hand


I was a new earthman

that chop luck a hammock of the barn
a long beep

this is the stereo of the hank of the winning
to learn of the hen of hundred

the nuke of the brahman and that serial ork of the pimple
the cheer of the floating hand

to be the robot of the news and apples
insect science was a delicious yam

salt is the pro bono earth
to win a science fair

this is the living play-doh
this is the sleep onion

that ninth wolf is the peter of the cannon
to be the bright sock of the dunking huck



J. D. Nelson (b. 1971) experiments with words in his subterranean laboratory. More than 1,500 of his poems have appeared in many small press publications, in print and online. He is the author of several collections of poetry, including Cinderella City (The Red Ceilings Press, 2012). Visit www.MadVerse.com for more information and links to his published work. Nelson lives in Colorado.