Poetry from Michael Robinson

Road to Someplace 

Beyond the shallow grave which once was my home
In the middle of the night which held me captive
It was a selfish life I was wanting to live.

Beyond the reality of the sinking sun
And the signs of danger and chaos
In the open skies.

I fell from the skies past the shooting stars
Into a place where life was simple
Into an unknown reality.

A clear vision of who I am and why I lived
To find this place where the grass breathes
And the trees are fifty feet tall.

A place where my stone hands are nourished
A covered heart reveals warmth
And my name spoken with love.

Always Remembering 

This room that I find myself
Without the tears
And without the pain.

This room that whispers of life and fullness
And the peacock yearns for its mate
And I yearn for life.

Mountains that touch the sky
Having fried eggs with onions and tomatoes
With a hot cup of strong coffee…

My Mother’s smile
And My Father’s eyes
In-between both it is the lily that I smell.


There was this woodpecker just pecking
The sun no longer concealed its brightness.
In the cradle of my Mother’s arm.

I suck her tender breast
It was all in that first hour of life
That moment when life begin
When my Mother named me Michael.
Street Life 
For Donna

There was a moment, a second
when I was lost in my life
it was a silent moment
when I found the courage
seeking something new
leaving the old in the recycle bin.

Forgotten dreams are collected in the garbage can
lying there with a grim reminder of what used to be
no longer of any use after the expiration date
except for me
when the memories come for me
i don’t hide when the fear comes
there’s an understanding because I’ve been there before
i’m not expired