Poetry from J.J. Campbell

happy ever after
i always wanted
to fall in love
and see if happy
ever after really
i look in the
mirror and
sadly realize
i put all my
money on the
wrong fucking
as i lay in this
old bed alone
about all i have
is the hope for
a quiet death

something on the top shelf
there goes the dream
the long legs of that
demon teasing you
with all those lovely
you follow from
behind, enjoying
the view
hoping that someone
needs help reaching
something on the
top shelf
not that you will
suddenly become
mr. personality
and strike up a
conversation with
a beautiful stranger
you just want the
chance to fail once
your distorted view
freedom is the last
lie we still believe
bow down to that
evil lord and seek
something that
resembles your
distorted view
of happiness
it’s all that is left
in the land of sugar
and honey
even the flies
around here have
their standards
resist all you want
it’s simple to hold
on to nothing
when nothing is
all you have
a better world
the voice of
the voiceless
has lost the
ability to
continue to
give a fuck
lost inside
of the crowd
cluttering his
will it be
the bottle
the shotgun
i knew i
should have
moved to
a property
with bigger
never good
to limit your
options for
seeking a
better world
just for a few dark seconds
there’s an eclipse
coming soon
hopefully we
get so stoned
that the world
actually ends
even if just
for a few
dark seconds
a time out
from all this
fucking chaos
and ignorance
polluting the
sucked into
the void with
no hope to ever
fucking return
like any stranger
in a strange land
the worrisome
part comes from
this is the only
place you can
call home
J.J. Campbell
51 Urban Ln.
Brookville, OH 45309-9277