Poetry from Michael Robinson

Black Boy I


In the middle of the night,

Forgot all the bad in his life,

Walking into the moon’s light.


A soulful prayer,

At 3AM when all is quiet,

Living in the moon’s delight.




Black Boy II


If you knew the story,

If you felt the pain,

If you loved life,

You would understand,

A Black boy life.



Black Boy III


No more guns,

No more knives,

Nor more razor blades under the sleeve.


No more cocaine in the midnight hour,

No more sins in the dawn of day,

No more psych units.


No more lies,

No more pain,

No more tears.


Black Boy IV


My skin is dark, and my tone is light,

My eyes are bright, and my smile is warm,

My soul is full of God’s light,

Black Boy in the middle of the night.



Black Boy V


You crossed the seas looking for me,

Carrying me away,

Chaining me to the deck.


Look into my eyes,

Look at my back,

With the torn skin from the whip.


Another day of misery,

Keeps me company,

Prays touches my heart,

In the daily sun.

While picking cotton till dusk,

Deliver me from the whip,

I long to be free.



Black Boy VI


I walk into the morning sun,

My skin blackens from the noonday sun.

Mile after mile,

I walk while the tears fall to the ground,

I walk with bare feet,

With lashes on my back.


I walk to my freedom,

Crawling in the mud,

I kneel at the rock and Cry:


Save me from my captures,

Save me from my oppressors,

Save me from my sins.



Black Boy VII


Have you seen my mother?

She was wearing a red dress.


Have you seen my mother?

She was walking down the street.


Have you seen my mother?

She has my eyes.


Have you seen my mother?

She was heading to the Red-light district.


Have you seen my mother?

She was with that man.


Have you seen my mother?

She left me in the rain of my tears.


Michael Robinson (right) and fellow contributor Joan Beebe