Poetry from John Grey



Please take care of me, Anna.

There’s a storm on the horizon,


as wild, as swirling, as primal as a Turner painting

Thunder’s a certainty. Lightning more so.


It could bring rain or hail or even snow.

My current status is that of abject fear.


I can’t just sit here, passing off the world

with my most blessed indifference.


when it’s about to spin in some

uncontrollable vortex, turn upside down.


bluster tempestuously, burn and flood,

shatter or smother.


I’ll be King Lear before all this is over,

out in the midst of it, howling madly.


Look, my face is pale, my brow, my cheeks,

crunch my eyes together.


The blanket across my knees shakes.

My knees thump like braking train-cars.


And all you can do is ask, “Is something wrong?”

When the storm’s passed, then I’ll know.



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Poetry from Davis



Goddamn jack in the box

face popping up with that clown smile

bloody bloody

I pressed you down so long.

smile again like you did when I told you stories,

little boys who fought

monsters not mothers. I pushed you out

now I push you down.

Pouts of lips and the swings in my hits

That’s mamma, the one with the boy toys,

the one who plays with knives,

who left cuts on your hands like kisses.

The last man took me away

to the cabin with the bed and only the bed.

There wasn’t room for three, boy.

We downsized, started with the baby.

He cried so much when I held him I had to

Don’t say I failed again,

I taught you what I knew.

Protect yourself.

I shot you down

with milk can guns, white whirled.

I shelled you with beans,

dragging you along til you lost me.

Poetry from Charlie Keys Bohem

I climbed up on a ledge above a house built into the crumbling granite of a California mountain,

with a few friends,

To collect a ration from my allotment of teenage infinity,

My feet sank into the powdered dirt of undeveloped land, carrying a cascade of biting oak leaves,

A charging cavalry into my ankles,

I clutched a fence as though it hung a hundred feet up,

Until we reached the precarious solace of concrete, and sat to soak in the wash of lights,

Little clouds, little but thick, came roaring on my left, an in a moment tapered from me, until the

Toxic cleavage of brain from boy welled up through my neck so that elevation became flight,

Clouds under a cloudless sky – not smoke, but vapor – that’s the future below us,

A hand upon a shoulder, a laugh against a wall, lightless hills shining with black absence,

And below them the patchwork yellow quilt of iridescent distance,


I thought of the light: “There’s an awful lot of sodium down there. If I had it all, a rock, I would throw it into the sea and duck behind thick Plexiglas, five thousand feed above the world, to watch the howling blast in all its brevity.”

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Elizabeth Hughes’ Book Periscope

Peter & Lisa: A Mental Illness Children’s Story by Linda Baron-Katz

Peter & Lisa - Cover Photo (1)

Peter & Lisa is written very well so that children will be able to understand it. I believe all children should either read or have it read to them. I believe it would go far in helping children understand mental illness. The more aware they are, the less likely they will be to say or do something to hurt someone else. I very highly recommend this book for all parents with children or know someone with children.

Peter and Lisa is available for purchase on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Peter-Lisa-Charles-Katz/dp/1634171438/

Bai Tide by Erika Mitchell

(Book will come out April 2015, cover image not yet available)

Author’s website here: http://www.erika-mitchell.com/novels/bai-tide/

Bai Tide is an espionage thriller. If espionage thrillers are your favorites even if they are not. I highly recommend this on. It is about Bai Hsu, who is working undercover in an elite, exclusive girls school as a P.E. Teacher, Alan Broccoli. His assignment is to keep the daughter’s of a North Korean who came to the US to give nuclear secrets to the US in exchange for asylum safe. During the formal ball, someone tries to break into the school. Hsu takes off after the person, almost gets killed by a car rigged to blow up and loses the person. The next time the person shows up at a tournament the girls are playing in and one of them is kidnapped. Hsu chases after them, saves the girl and captures the person who kidnapped her. He takes her to headquarters in Los Angeles where a deal is made that if she helps to dismantle the nuclear plant, she will win her freedom. Read Bai Tide today and find out the dangerous mission that Bai and Cindy embark on. I personally loved this book. Happy Reading.

Meet Your Happy Chemicals by Dr. Loretta Breuning


Meet Your Happy Chemicals is a very interesting book on how our complicated brain works to produce our “feel good” senses. Dr. Breuning explains what all of the “happy chemicals” do and how they work. This book is very interesting. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I have. Also read her other book I,Mammal which also explains the complexities of the brain and how it compares to humans and how animals respond to the same chemical in the brain.

You may purchase Meet Your Happy Chemicals on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Meet-Your-Happy-Chemicals-Endorphin/dp/1941959016/ or through the author’s website http://www.innermammalinstitute.org

Any Psalm You Want by Khary Jackson


This book is filled with very heartfelt and deep poems. My favorites are Blue/Grass, Don’t Bother Writing It Down, Abandoned House, Hip Hop Yoga, Her and From Antonio. This is a must have for the poetry lovers out there. For those who don’t usually read poetry, give it a try. I am sure you will enjoy this book as much as I did. I highly recommend it.

Any Psalm You Want is available for purchase here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Any-Psalm-You-Want-Poems/dp/1938912225

 Forget Me Not: A Love Story of the East by Grace Chen


Oh, what a wonderful and sad book Forget Me Not is! It is the love story of Li Ling and Zhang Lily. A love that could never be. The story opens as Li Ling gets a letter from his good friend in China, Big Head. Then he sits down and tells his wife the story of himself, Big Head and Zhang Lily. It takes place mainly in the 60’s and 70’s during the Cultural Revolution in China. The government closed down the schools and labelled the teachers and also some doctors as counter-revolutionary agents. Li Ling’s father is a well known surgeon and gets demoted to janitor. Lily’s father is a professor and has written books on China’s history. He was taken from his family and arrested. When Lily’s father becomes very ill and needs surgery, Li Ling’s father is allowed to do the surgery.  The three kids, help Lily’s father escape from the hospital, where they take him to Big Head’s aunt and uncle’s in the country.

After a change comes to China and schools are opened again. Lily’s father receives a letter stating he is being offered a position as a professor at Anhui University. However, after they move, they soon find out it was a trap and he is arrested. He then uses his shoe laces and hangs himself in prison. Lily and her mother suffer for some years working the fields for long hours every day. Li Ling and Lily meet up once again when the colleges open up once again. They fall back in love, but, Lily tells Li Ling that she could never marry him. Buy the book today and find out the many adventures they have and how they cope with the hardships of living under the communist Chinese government. I very highly recommend this book. It will keep your attention page after page until the very end. I absolutely loved this book. Happy Reading!

Forget Me Not: A Love Story of the East is available for purchase on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Forget-Me-Not-Love-Story/dp/1625108478/

Digital Wilderness by Fulvio Ciano


Digital Wilderness is a must have for the suspense lovers library. It is fast paced and will keep the reader on the edge of your seat until the very last page. It is about Edward Phillips a software engineer that works at Virton Tecnologies. He gets recruited to work in their top secret facility. Working there he must have an implant and wear a PEN, a device that allows communication between employees and also has various stages of clearance for different parts of the company. Then as Edward is sitting drinking his coffee at Starbucks one day, he is contacted by NOC, an artificial intelligence that he helped to create. NOC tells him he is in imminent danger and that several employees have already “disappeared” or have been found dead by different methods. NOC devises an elaborate plan for Edward’s escape and hiding from Virton Technologies. Buy Digital Willderness today and find out what happens with this exciting and thrilling suspense novel. I highly
recommend this book, I absolutely love it. Happy Reading!!

Poetry from Tony Longshanks leTigre

A Short Eulogy for Ted Gullicksen
There goes the man on his bike
61 years old & looking for squats
down the hill on his bike, there he goes
the best of us
(though not the last of us)
the uncrowned king
the soul of SF
for the last time
wish I’d known
have a safe ride home.
Original artwork from Tony leTigre

Original artwork from Tony leTigre

Poetry from Mike Cohen


(Mike Cohen – Apr  2007)  

If your parents had waited another day

or another moment,

there could have been a different child born.

The egg might have been the same

but the race of the sperm

would most likely have crowned a different champion.

The sperm run is chaotic.

It is a shuffling of the deck,

a chance for chance to reset itself.

There is sufficient Brownian motion involved

that victory does not necessarily go to the fleetest.

Life begins always with an element of the capriciousness

that characterizes it throughout.

But were life predictable,

it would not be worth its own while.

Life is full for being full of choices,

conscious and unconscious,

whose outcomes cannot be clearly foreseen,

small choices that make great unknowable differences,

choices made with scarcely a thought,

choices like waiting another day

or another moment.

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