Poetry – Thomas Park


Heroes Everywhere

While I gesture in such minute ways
Taking notes, making comments
Your life is lived
So large

You could clean stables with a river
Banish nasty creatures
Charm a beautiful girl

The club in your hand is in mine
Simply a pen, the bald spot on my head
For you is covered with strong hair

I am not impotent, but to live
A hero’s life as you do–
My heart would explode with tension

    –Thomas Park, 2009

Empty Again

The creature, given the gift of expression
First draws the bars that kept it captive
In the same way, for the artist, it’s the empty shell,
The cage, the structure’s skeleton

Maybe the poets had hoped
To achieve notoriety
By abandoning the lines they had written

I, too, have been guilty
As advice is cheap and beauty elusive
Of making a kind of vacuum
Music that is a hum of static, no more

When it came on the radio, then
I had this question– Is this
The program in fact, or did
The station suddenly lose power

So I will try to dig deeper
In a time that seems post everything
To find thoughts worth sharing

    –Thomas Park, 2009

To M.

In the old stories, even the Gods
Made mistakes. This time, there were no
Gods, only human judges– and I was
Rewarded a title of sorts, called

Back then, I measured success
With high school grades then college, planning
Ahead that far, no further,
However with some degree of intensity.

But you, M., wrote for the age
We were in, not for some sleepless future
Grad student. Your stories were
Impassioned yet restrained.

To really understand a poem, see
As it unfolds, how things change.
Similarly, I, with my small South Side
Apartment, and modest income

Marvel at your success as a lawyer
And wonder once and again
For though you were not deemed best student
Perhaps you were the best practitioner

    –Thomas Park, 2009

Thomas Park has been writing for many years. He studied English literature at Northwestern University in the early ‘nineties. At this time, Thomas enjoys writing and reading clear, thoughtful poems. He can be reached at: mystifiedthomas (at) gmail (dot) com.

Collages by Landkee


Born in some country that no longer exists, Landkee’s first years were spent in various classes; becoming, as one of his teachers liked to say, “all-around underdeveloped”. Teen years were spent in the Bay Area, partially forgetting one language and not fully acquiring the other. Taking few more foreign languages in high school didn’t help either. However, lack of linguistic ability didn’t deter Landkee from traveling; visiting, oddly enough, central parts of geographic regions or countries. Mostly interested in looking at art, ideas were penned up in deep consciousness until they burst out. Hence the explanation of artist’s collages: random, absurd or nonsensical.

Landkee on his work: I was doing a little bit of everything, but ended up with collages. When I see an image, sometimes I’ll have an idea how I want to use it – and if the original is not lost by the time I find a complementary image – I’ll create that. But most of the time I just create collages and ideas emerge out of them on their own.

Landkee’s collages are at http://www.landkee.com and all of them are available for purchase (unless stated otherwise.)

News and Notices, Summer Vacation Edition, Editor’s Picks


Posting on Craigslist from some people interested in writing a wiki for information regarding starting and running nonprofits. Many readers would have a lot to contribute, so the post’s linked here, with contact information: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/com/1330561916.html

Source: sfbay.craigslist.org
Volunteers needed to build a Nonprofit-sector WIKI that will cover everything anyone would want/need to know about starting or running a nonprofit, so that people can stop reinventing the wheel. Help needed from front to back, particularly anyone with solid Drupal expertise and content developers.
Also, here’s a lovely site dedicated to collecting images of paintings and poetry from obscure nineteenth century artists and writers, or hard-to-locate works from well-known painters: http://www.artmagick.com. Includes work from Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Waterhouse, Lord Byron and others, and aims to celebrate imagination.
From the website: ArtMagick is an ongoing personal project by Julia Kerr dedicated to the continual quest of seeking out obscure 19th century artists, poetry, books and long-forgotten paintings showing a “magic world of romance and pictured poetry.”

Synchronized Chaos’ Anniversary Celebration!


Everyone here is invited to Synchronized Chaos Magazine’s anniversary party and networking mixer for those interested in the arts, creative writing, journalism, nonprofit management/entrepreneurship. We’re getting together next Friday, August 28th, in Castro Valley at Knudsen’s Ice Creamery – drop-in anytime from 5 to 10 pm.

This is a reception for our artists, writers, musicians, and featured community and world leaders, as well as a networking and celebration event for all of us. Lots of eclectic flavors of ice cream (including dairy-free options) available, as well as hot sandwiches and cider.

We have a Facebook page for the event, or you may simply email cedeptula@sbcglobal.net to RSVP – or just show up! Please call me at 510-589-8252 for directions…the Creamery’s website is here: http://www.icecreamery.net/

North Tahoe Arts Council – accepting donations of artwork for a silent auction




(c) North Tahoe Arts Council

(c) North Tahoe Arts Council

Above painting: Madam Jourdan’s Chateau

Spring Cleaning for the Arts

 If the longer, warmer days have inspired you to do your Spring Cleaning, please set aside your new or gently used artwork for “Raising Monet for the Arts,” the annual fundraiser for North Tahoe Arts. This summer, North Tahoe Arts will accept donations of painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, and other collectibles to be auctioned at its fifth annual sale and silent auction.

 “If you’re ready to part with any artwork from your home, office, or studio, please set it aside now for this exciting event that helps North Tahoe Arts to fulfill its mission of supporting the arts throughout the North Tahoe and Truckee communities,” said NTA fundraising chair, Anne Chadwick. “Mark your calendars for the Raising Monet kick-off on Friday, September 4, 2009.” 

Donations of all types of art will be accepted – framed or unframed, new or gently used, two or three-dimensional – this summer at the Art Center next to the Fire Station in Tahoe City (380 North Lake Boulevard). If necessary, arrangements can be made to have donations picked up. A tax receipt will be provided for each item received, and all proceeds will benefit North Tahoe Arts, which relies primarily on fundraisers and contributions to operate its art center and provide numerous programs and services to the community. Activities include monthly exhibits at the Art Center, Tahoe ARTour, ARTisan Shop, ART in Public Places, Tahoe Plein Air, and Kids ART Camp.

NTA is looking for volunteers to assist with planning “Raising Monet,” as well as storage space for donations this summer. To donate or volunteer, please contact the Art Center at 530-581-2787 or email info@northtahoearts.com

More information about the Tahoe Arts Council and their art auction available here: http://www.northtahoearts.com/




Northern Mines 26th Annual Art Exhibit (call for submissions)


The Center for the Arts Gallery, 314 Main Street, Grass Valley, CA 95945 is accepting entries through September 19th for their annual juried exhibit.

You may contact chairperson Karen Koklich at vkoklich@comcast.net or http://www.pioneerart.com and the juror will be Jerianne Van Dijk. Congratulations to David Mooney, whose painting High Altar, Winchester Cathedral won best of show last year.

Reception will be November 15th from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Graphic artist with portfolio seeks web designer business partner


–Craigslist posting I came across today from someone seeking a creative and business partnership. This kind of networking is what Synchronized Chaos is designed to help facilitate, so please feel free to submit requests such as these for your own endeavours.

From Lisa of Looking/Listening Graphic Design, reachable at http://www.lookinglistening.com/contact/ or comm-8qvdx-1327450955@craigslist.org

Let me make clear that this is a call for web technology people who’d like to talk about partnering with me, a graphic artist, in bidding on websites. I am not hiring anyone, sorry, and I am probably needing work as badly as you are. That said, I am a designer, not a techie. I don’t know html, css or any of the backend skills. These days, people want the whole enchilada, front and back, from one vendor. If you are lacking in the design area and like my work (online portfolio: http://www.lookinglistening.com), have professional experience and excellent communication skills (qualities I bring to the table) let’s talk about what we could cook up. If we have the right mix we can go after bids together, or use each other’s skills when one of gets a project on their own.

Optimistically yours, Lisa

Free online publicity for any Christian-oriented book


Announcement from Shenandoah Publications for anyone who has written a book with Christian-type themes:

Have you written a Christian book? Have you found out how expensive advertising can be? Shenandoah Publications will give you free advertisement on our web site. Go to: www lifesanswersstudygroups com and click on Book Submissions, (You will find it at about the middle of the page) to find out how you can receive free advertisement on our site.

Jack Kerouac Poetry Contest


Call for submissions, deadline September 28, 2009. Jack Kerouac Poetry Contest, held in conjunction with the Davis Jazz Artists Festival.

Winners of this contest will be given the opportunity to publish their work, which will be featured in the next issue of the Blue Moon Literary and Art Review. This contest is held in conjunction with the Davis Jazz Artists Festival, Beyond the Beat Generation, and sponsored by the John Natsoulas Center for the Arts.

For more information on the guidelines for submitting poetry and on the Jazz Artists/Beyond the Beat Generation events, please visit www.davisjazz.com or www.natsoulas.com – or call 530-756-3938.

Third Annual Trompe L’Oeil Exhibition – Call for Submissions


The French term Trompe L’Oeil literally means ‘deception of the eye.’ It is a genre that requires incredible technical skill, along with knowledge of perspective, contrast and trickery. These illusions, whether serious or playful, allow the viewer to perceive art and nature through a different perspective. In the 1960’s, distinguished ceramic artists such as Marilyn Levine, Richard Shaw, and Victor Spinski began further experimenting with Trompe L’Oeil in ceramics by transforming clay into leather, metal, wood, plastic, glass or steel and creating found objects, banal if by themselves but gaining significance and intrigue when combined with other quotidian clay-created found objects.

We are looking for artists practicing in any medium to submit work before October 15, 2009 to be considered for the group catalog.

Email submissions Attention Trompe L’Oeil to art@natsoulas.com

The John Natsoulas Gallery

521 1st St.

Davis, California 95616

United States



Opportunity to assist a writer with getting her life back on track…no cash needed, just postage stamps!


Came across this Craigslist posting today – seems a decent cause as she’s furthering her education and legitimate career possibilities through writing-related entrepreneurship! I’ll send a few stamps, putting this out there for others too.

CCWF- A501-B9-2LOW

More calls for art and writing submissions – including charitable benefits


Seattle’s C Gallery seeks JPEG images of visual art of any medium to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure (Breast Cancer awareness and research.) 30% donation of the sale price for every art piece sold.

C Art Gallery in Seattle invites artists of all mediums to submit entries for an exhibit to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure during breast cancer awareness month this October.

The key themes related to this exhibit are:

Hope, Awareness and Celebration of Life

Deadline for entries is September 10th, guidelines and contact information here: http://www.seattleartists.com/blog/?p=81

Art on the Farm – Northern San Francisco Bay Area group of visual artists who travel around to local organic farms and paint on location. Anyone may show up, sign an insurance release, and draw/paint at any of their listed events, and 50% of sale price gets donated to charities such as local farmers’ and environmental or organic organizations. http://www.artonthefarm.org/callArtist.html

Groups for quilters to donate their work to children in need around the world: http://www.theartlist.com/dir/art_directory/Crafts/Quilting/Charity/Charity.html

Multicultural art events in the New York metro area, ten percent of proceeds per artwork donated to an international or local humanitarian charity chosen by the group of featured artists. Past beneficiaries include Doctors without Borders, Action Against Hunger, and other groups. Visual art, dance, music, photography, writing…do not know if you need to live near New York or attend the events to be featured, feel free to email and ask them.

These are widely attended and widely publicized art events, more information here: http://www.globalfusionart.com/id26.html

Singer/songwriter Katie Reider (featured on Dawson’s Creek and elsewhere), who passed away last year from a rare form of eye cancer, has a benefit page online where people can purchase her music for donations to her family, who’s still paying off thousands of dollars in medical bills. Some songs can be downloaded for only $1 each from the site.

The family is looking for people to pass on the link to more people and get 500,000 more hits this year. Perhaps other musicians and artists could email and contact them and offer their work on the site for donations too?


Calls for submissions for writing from mothers or writing related to motherhood: http://www.literarymama.com/interact/blog/archives/cat_calls_for_submissions.html

Not all necessarily charitable benefits…but a listing of markets for women’s short fiction and nonfiction essays – related to motherhood, children, or choosing not to have children.

CALL FOR submissions – Beyond the Pink Ribbon. Anthology on living wtih breast cancer. Addressing survivor struggles with fertility, sexuality, identity, disfigurement, effect on relationships, change in life expectations/expectancy, etc. Seeking honest, eloquent and informed essays about survivorship challenges. Send by August 21 to livingwithbreastcancer@gmail.com. Example essay: www.themorningnews.org/archives/personal_essays/replacing_things_lost.php

Poets and Writers Online – list of classifieds for all types of short and long pieces, on topics ranging from skiing to the recent presidential election in the USA to fathers and daughters. http://www.pw.org/classifieds