Essay from Tony Nightwalker LeTigre

The Winter Depression
By Tony Nightwalker LeTigre

Let us call this the “winter depression,” premature as it may be on our part to count winter’s frigid malice out of the game so early. We could call it “the post-election depression,” but I don’t want to. Why give them such power? I made a comment to a friend a couple weeks back, shortly after its onset, to the effect that “if I’d known Trump was going to win, I wouldn’t have talked so much shit about Hillary.” But it was a throwaway, disingenuous, wasn’t it? Throwing to the audience (of one) what they wanted to hear. And actually, they are legion here in Pdx, which has a large & mobile mass of young radicals, Outside Inners, Rad Fae types sporting shiny new self-entitled gender pronouns that nobody else is ever going to use, Standing Rock-ers, cute young tall slim ba(b)es dressed all in black with black hats & black boots & white or red bandannas around their mouths carrying war mallets (hot!!) & weaponry & paint cans ready to fuck some shit up, & related righteous ragers ready to take to the streets & stir up a public shit storm. As well they should! And I ran with those wolves when I heard their howls & saw them coming, answering the primal call of the hunt—for am I not one of them at bottom, despite my frequent plaints; but by my own choice, & therefore free to come & go at my own wish & not at the beck & call of another?

(He does not try to dominate you, but you cannot dominate him.)

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Poetry from Michael Marrotti

Freedom is Overrated 

Certain people

are far from


When they hear me

proudly proclaim

my allegiance

to the Light Of Life

Rescue Mission

through volunteering

Some people say

the food isn’t

all that great

Other people say

they force Jesus

on you

There’s also

people who say

it’s restrictive

no man should

have a curfew

I consider all

these potentially

pertinent points

as I enjoy

a delectable meal

courtesy of

Light Of Life

before my shift

On my way

to the cafeteria

I think of Jesus

wine and the

blood of Christ

Jesus has saved

many people

from relapsing

I think of rent

and how much

it sets me back

each month

as I serve food

to a homeless man

who once lived

better than I did

I take into consideration

after the completion

of my shift

how all that freedom

has dragged these men

down to the bottom

of society

I have a new life


by thinking

for the first time

in my life

that maybe freedom

in this particular


is a bit overrated

Essay from Joan Beebe

A Vacation in the West
My husband decided it was time to take a delayed retirement trip.  I picked up an AAA book and started to look at ways to have a memorable vacation.  The first thing was transportation and we decided to take the local Amtrak train to Chicago and then board the train for Denver, Colorado.   Our experience on that train to Denver was wonderful. We had a nice room with a fresh rose on the table and a shower all our own.  The food was quite good and they had coffee ready every morning at 6:00 AM. It was a very relaxing way to travel and not have to worry about traffic, road maps and detours.
 We stayed one night in Denver but managed to tour the Federal Mint which was very interesting. Denver was quite beautiful with the mountains in the distance

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