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Crissa Constantine’s Love and Accept Yourself Now

Love and Accept Yourself Now is the memoir of Crissa Constantine’s journey through being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Ms. Constantine takes the reader through the diagnosis, her shock, then her treatment. She also goes into her life and travels through Europe and her friends and people she meets. She includes many suggestions that can work for anyone through stressful times. The book will keep the reader interested and intrigued all the way through, page after page. I highly recommend this book particularly for the invaluable advice she gives. I believe that anyone can learn something from this memoir and apply the advice and suggestions to themselves.


Crissa Constantine’s Love and Accept Yourself Now is available here. 



Friends List by Rob Watson
Friends List by Rob Watson is a thriller/horror that in my opinion, is on a par with Stephen King. From the very first few pages, he grabs your full attention as you gasp aloud. Lexa and Alex are grown twins that have had horrors in their past. Lexa is supposed to go on a Thanksgiving holiday with friends that have all worked together to get Senator Storm elected. Then things begin to go horribly wrong when a killer appears. On a par with Stephen King, Mr. Watson’s Friends List will keep you on the edge of your seat. With the twists and turns of a truly great horror story you will absolutely not be able to put it down until you reach the very last page. I absolutely loved Friends List. It kept me enthralled and excited until the very end. If you are a fan of horror stories you will absolutely love this novel.
Finding Joy by Ellen Page
Finding Joy is a memoir that has to do with the abuse to not only children but adults also. Ms. Payne brings up the subject of abuse in all forms. She talks of physical, verbal, sexual and emotional. She speaks of how every form of abuse can and will leave emotional scars. She brings up that abusers come from all walks of life. She encourages the victims to bring it out in the open by reporting and getting the help they need. I highly recommend this book. This book will enlighten readers of how widespread the problem is. She tells how for years and years the victims are told to keep quiet. The only way to eradicate this heinous crime is to speak up so others will.
Stepping Stones on The Spiritual Path by Astra Ferro
Stepping Stones on the Spiritual Path is a book that will help people find their spiritual journeys. I like the Glossary of Terms in the beginning of the book. It helps clarify the terms for those of us who are unfamiliar with them. This is a book that has something that can help everyone no matter what your beliefs are. It also helps to clarify the meaning of your soul and spirit. You are able to look within yourself to define your strengths and weaknesses. The reader can then work on their strengths. The reader can also find their inner peace and work to achieve that. The reader can find out what their purpose is and what their journey will be. I enjoyed this book very much and hope that you, dear reader will too.
The Wrong Side Of Honor by Marshall Ginevan
The Wrong Side of Honor is a  novel about the war on drugs at the end of the Vietnam War. Its is exciting and thrilling and action-packed from the first page to the very last. The CIA has a drug operation taking opium from Vietnam to the U.S.. The Air Force has put together a secret operation to destroy the opium trade. This novel is perfect for history buffs. I absolutely loved it and recommend it highly.
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