Poetry from Joan Beebe

The Waking of Spring

Today seems different as we venture outside
And a lonely shovel lies on its side.
There is a fresh and scented wind today
And I see many children out to play.
What is that coming up from the ground
With pretty little flowers I have found.
I hear sweet chirping and their songs fill the air,
There are melodies of joy for all to share.
The green grass is soft and beautiful to see,
And there is no other place I would rather be.
There is work to be done in the days to come,
Planting, watering and our chores have begun.
We smile and we’re happy to see the beauty of spring
And our days will bring pleasure for the gifts it brings.

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Poetry from Joan Beebe


A New Year is something most

People look forward to in anticipation.

The old year for many of us was filled with

Worry and perhaps health problems.

Fresh and new is the perception in our minds.

So a celebration of “on with the new” and “off with the old”

With parties, music, hats, dancing, streamers and watching

The huge and lighted ball, in New York City’s Times Square,

slowly move down from

It’s height to the bottom which signals the New Year.

It is a happy celebration because we really have

No idea of what the New Year holds for us.

We all wish Peace and Health in the coming year.

Our hopes are held high for a world of safety,

Contentment and harmony between nations.

And our heads are held high as we move forward

Into the New Year.  We see a light into the future

And our dreams have a purpose to be fulfilled.