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The self-help material, ‘11 Major Deceptions You Must Guard Yourself Against …’ is primarily a relationship-based material that cut across relationship recognition, marriage and seriousness – defined relationships (amongst individuals). It is work-piece with the potential of helping those seeking for serious relationships and marriages.

It gives a “let-us-face-it” approach to analyze the power of certain blindfolds known as deceptions in terms of their true recognition, consequences and proffers long lasting solutions to preclude oneself from their servitude. With insight-based examples, stories and other interests, the work-piece sheds light on each of the mentioned deception.

It unravels the can of worms associated with various marriages and relationships people involve themselves in. From the fruiting years of childhood to the growing years of youth and finally, to the stable years of adulthood, the material deals with blindfolds associated with people of these ages. Infidelity, divorce, pre-marital and post-marital sex and other vices are general blindfolds that the work-piece believes originates from the media, schools and the general society.

Deceptions 1to 11 discuss the blindfolds virginity loss affect the lives of youngsters, influences the persona of the male and female folks in terms of getting married, the adverse effects of engaging in multiple sexual relations, the ills of chauvinism of men and resulting subjugation of women  in marriage, the wrong prioritization of money as criterion for marriage, the wrong notions of  men and women about each other, the “love is blind” and “divorce is normal” veils, the issue as to whether married men and or women keep a company of singles, the belief of men going on sexual adventure with women and the conviction that things can get better when married.

11 Major Deceptions You Must Guard Yourself Against… gives the way-outs of the blindfolds in the time and age the world is living in. This is intended to enable individuals who are in serious relationships with their spouses and “normally” married for people around the world, irrespective of race, status or background, a beneficial and enduring union with their spouses.



Tables of Contents

Deception 1: It is no big deal losing your virginity

Deception 2: It is good to feel the ‘sweetness’ of sex by engaging other partners into it.

Deception 3: The ‘bad’ girls end up getting or marrying the ‘good’ guys (vice versa)

Deception 4: As men, we ought to give into sex advances from women, whether married or not.

Deception 5: When there is money, it will be safe to get married

Deception 6: He (or she) has a sexually not-good past, but will change, though still in the habit of flirting

Deception 7: Love is blind

Deception 8: Divorce is normal

Deception 9: As a married man or woman I can still keep an intimate company of bachelor or spinster friends

Deception 10: Till the right man or woman comes will I become sexually faithful.

Deception 11: Things will change for the better only if I am married.




It is no big deal losing your virginity

In recent times, a youngster, losing the worth of sexual virginity, is no longer an anomaly as it used to be. In fact, there are various statements that encourage young people to “give up” their virginity. Expressions such as “You are not a woman, if you aren’t sexually active”, “You’re missing the peak of sexual enjoyment, if you don’t indulge in it”, “This is the age you experience the dynamics of manhood and womanhood”, “Make love!”, “You‘ll become a complete person” and so on are used to effect what has now become the acceptable modern value – promiscuity instead of chastity. However, if we view this issue from both sides of the coin, can it be said that promiscuity possesses an intricate (positive) value than chastity?

Consider a situation where a farmer, as part of his painstaking selfless service towards community development, was handsomely rewarded with two fertile lands which he has to choose from. The first land had been bush-fallowed, used for other not-good purposes (diabolism). However, its soil is fertile; very cultivation-friendly. On the other hand, the second land has never been fallowed, possesses a host of ever-green tall trees, productive medicinal crops and cash crops, never been defiled and obviously very fertile. If you were the farmer, which of the lands would you choose from?

Undoubtedly, Teenagers are the victims of this development as they take in hook, line and sinker the efficacies of the deceptive “It’s no big deal losing your virginity”. From the every late years of childhood to the stable years of adulthood, virginity loss has become a household name and is an embraced phenomenon. Why?

Generally, youths seem unperturbed; the cancerous spread of virginity loss in the lives of every tom, dick and Harry. Unfortunately, young women are most times victims of this eventuality. Conversely, teenage men are not left out as virginity loss sets the pace for a likely insecurity and doubt (infidelity) in their subsequent dealings with their female counterparts

At this juncture, a striking statement would be made to enlighten people about virginity’s worth, irrespective of gender. But the term “virginity” has its light reflected on the woman, though it applies to the man. Hence, our attention would be focused on the female genders. Before the “striking” statement, a ray of light would have to be shed on the ‘virginity’, cutting across the male and female genders: virginity is a mindset which can be translated as the ability of the individual to abstain or practically say “No” to lust-filled offers, no matter the nature of prevailing circumstance.

“The only physically sacred possession, worth, most cherished jewel a woman can really uphold is her virginity. Without it, she is (likely) to be treated like other women, irrespective of status and background. The consequences? Increased in-security and doubts as unveiled by infidelity continued fornication and adultery. The way out? A thorough and genuine spiritual overhaul”. This is the striking statement.

The Leonardo Da Vinci’s Monalisa Portrait is the most insured material in the world; no man can buy it, even the world’s richest man! What is fascinating is that modern X-ray can reveal only its three visible versions. If a man-made material can be seen as the most expensive and insured, how much more the God-inputted virginity?

Founded in 1886, Coca-Cola arguably remains the most richest and successful bottling company in the world. Why? The peculiar (codified) concentration that tastes uniquely different in various places is obviously the reason for its greatness. Without this reason, Coca-Cola, like other bottling companies will undoubtedly not be as successful as it is. In the same but a more greater vein, a woman who is a virgin is one in a million of women, an analogous “field”, attracting well-meaning men to her because what is “codified” in her is undefiled, yet to be decrypted.

A Buddhist Priest is designated with the “ritualistic” responsibility of keeping the sacredness of the temple at specified times. Similarly, the God-given virginity is a sacred worth which ought to be kept until the time is discerned for consented ritual is figured out. In other words, marriage should be the specified time (time discerned) where the fullness of consented ritual (sexual intercourse) exercise can be appreciated. Unfortunately the sacred worth of many young people (especially women) has been lost before the “stipulated time”. In fact, the world has turned upside down, clamping down the accepted value of chastity and promoting promiscuity in various forms; media, schools, and people. Without an equivocation, there are consequences of “decrypting” the God-given ‘code’ before the ‘stipulated time’. What are they?

Reviewing the crux of the “striking” statement with respect to the asked “what are they? the following can be inferred.

(1)  Increased in-security and doubt (as unveiled by infidelity)

(2)  Continued fornication and adultery

Others include contracting diseases, vagueness in direction (life-set goals) poor sense of judgment, low self-esteem e.t.c. These would be explained in Deception 2. Precisely, these point at the gravity or efficacy of encouraged promiscuity using the loosing-your-virginity approach as a starter.

On the other side of the coin, chastity poses its consequences whose price demands a painstaking commitment with proven-results of self-control. The following showed the aftermaths of chastity.

(1)  Chastity saves youngsters from the dangers of unwanted pregnancies (female ones)

(2)  Chastity prevents young people from imminent dangers of contracting diseases that are deadly.

(3)  It precludes juveniles from the servitude of increased in-security and doubt and in future, infidelity in terms of continued fornication and adultery.

(4)  The worth of chastity affords youths the opportunity to be goal-focused; prospect-driven; success-oriented and counseled rightly.

(5)  At this point, a question is directed to you: Sincerely which of these is a mirage? Options: (a) Chastity (b) Promiscuity.

If you are reading this and you are not a virgin, it is no crime. After all, as humans, we are mistake-bound. However, you can start now by vowing to become chaste, though it is a hard nut to crack task but it is worth the effort, considering the long-term benefits. If you are a virgin, no matter what is been said, always say to yourself, “I am one in a million of women.

Note: If you question seven guys on whom they will marry, there is a likelihood that you will get at least four response saying; “I would prefer marrying a more chaste girl”.



Essay from Chimezie Ihekuna

First of all, consider the total number of alphabets that make the words ‘poverty’ and ‘wealth’. No doubt, we have a total of 13 alphabets. Let us picture each alphabet as a layer. In all, we have 13 layers. On the other hand, consider a pyramid. Imagine a 13-layer inscription on the pyramid.

Interpreting the Realionaire’s approach to wealth and poverty y, using the pyramidal concept, we will be viewing the strictly the first, mid and apex layers as the positions of people living in poverty, people living in average conditions and individuals who are said to be the world’s richest respectively.

Again, considering the 13-layer inscription in respect to worth, tantamount to monetary evaluations (dollars, the currency name to be used), the three major inscriptions will be defined. The first-layer inscription refers to people who are living on or less than 1/1000th of a thousand dollars (one dollar) on a daily basis. The mid-layer inscription, the position held by the average person, refers to those who are at the 6.5 mean mark, whose worth is basically in thousands of dollars and are able to afford the necessities and luxuries of life at optimum levels. The apex layer refers to the position held by individuals who are not only at the 13th layer but considered the richest in the 13-layer pyramidal inscription and worth several millions, billions and even trillions of dollars.

In a way, the apex layer is a culmination of the collective efforts of other layers, financially, materially and intelligence wise. The mid-layer is somewhat a ‘stagnation’ between the layers leading to the apex and the layers leading to the first layer. The first layer is the ‘suppression’ or ‘pressure mount’ by other layers.

Interestingly, individuals occupying the apex position attain this feat through over-the-years hardwork, dedication, focus, patience, investment, patience, inheritance gathered and determination on legitimate basis and or an illegitimate exploitation of the resources of their subjects, individually or collectively. The mid-layer position is occupied by those who have over the years scaled through the sub-layers and are apparently stuck at the 6.5 mean mark. The first- layer position is occupied by those who appear to be surmounted by them.

Ironically, there is always a constancy; change in the positions of people occupying the first, apex and mid layers. In other words, the individual occupying the first- layer may scale through the layers to the mid or even the apex layer or decide to stay put, the occupant of the mid-layer may scale higher, remain stagnant or drastically decline towards the first-layer. Also, the apex-occupying position holders can scale through even higher; afford to remain at that position and may go down the ladder of the layers to the mid or to worsen matters, the first layer! To justify these facts, there are historic accounts of individuals whose wealth increased and dropped to below-average standards and even poverty levels. In fact, their successes in terms of monetary worth follow the changes in the positions they occupy in the 13-layer pyramidal structure (precisely, individuals, from humble backgrounds, rising to world’s richest business gurus, people from middle-classed families, rising from, dropping to or being stagnant in the layer they find themselves and the ‘rises’ and ‘falls’ of the apex and first-position holders). However, many of us, irrespective of the layer (level of financial space) we find ourselves, anticipate a rise. How can best take that rise?

The Realionaire’s approach is a come-to-stay recognition which provides individuals with advantages to face-lift their worth by climbing steadily through the ladder, layers of financial space, irrespective of opposing circumstances by placing various levels of self investment; knowledge acquisition, empowerment, focus, determination, inspiration, development of relational skill development and a goal-getting orientation which is equivalent to the recognized monetary values (thousands, millions, billions and even trillions).

Chimezie Ihekuna

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Christmas Time – book announcement from Chimezie Ihekuna


Christmas Time! is a collection of short stories that reflects the mood of the season-Christmas-as it affects the lives of people who have its worth appreciated. From children to young adults, it mirrors, in the form of stories, the ordeals people go through to observe the yuletide but the encouragement they get, the courage they summon, the inspiration and the motivation they receive leave footprints of happy endings-celebrating the season in delight.

The collection is available here. 

Excerpt from Christmas Time! 


“A Christmas to Remember” tells a story of a certain couple, Frances and Sean, whose over-the-years Christmas celebration routine was cut short by the inability of Ron, Sean long-time friend , to pay back his debt as at the time stipulated. His whereabouts weren’t known and this subsequently brought hopelessness to Sean (though he had some ‘belief’ that something would happen) until the eleventh hour miracle…barely two hours before Christmas-the 25th day of December. His twin daughters witnessed it!

Chapter two shows the  sudden end  of a relationship that existed between Sandra and Grace when a Skater,  disabled in physique, hit Sandra on their way coming home from the shopping mall, after the purchase of their favorite cloth- The Grant’s Designer’s Blouse. This was seven days to Christmas. Grace’s sudden departure from Sandra’s life paved way for James, the skater, whose life experienced a meaning…seven days to Christmas. It continued afterwards…

Chapter Three’s “I Love Christmas” portrays the boy-in-a-man figure in Mr. Ted whose ‘boy-child’ manner was inspired by the statement his five-year-old son, Grant, made, ‘I Love Christmas’.  The way Mr. Ted and his wife celebrated Christmas as their son had fun with his peers, was a scene to behold!

“Your Christmas View” is a play depicting how the long-held ‘tradition’ (yearly hosting of the event-twenty four hours before Christmas and whose venues were held at their various apartments) of meeting of Yates and friends not only ensured the proper view of Christmas to readers or listeners but enabled he and his wife, Michelle, to be in the ‘business’ of putting to proper perspective the view of Christmas in the life of their twelve –year-old daughter, Jasmine using what we recorded the last time  the event was hosted- ‘Your Christmas View Hosted by Yates’.

The feel of sensuality in the stories harmonizing with their “messaging” undertones, and the unveiling of the article: “Christmas: Recognizing its true worth” birth…Christmas Time!

Merry Christmas!



Chapter One

  A   Christmas to Remember

Sean and Frances have been happily married and living in Oakland for close to twelve years.  Their union produced a set of two lovely female twins-Tania and Juliana.  A successful contemporary entrepreneur for years, Sean has always ensured that needs of the family are met. Frances, on the other hand, is a compliment of her husband. A caring housewife and an excellent store keeper, the total well-being of every member of the house has never fall off her shoulders, since her marriage to Sean and she has been a great asset to her manager for the past five years. Tania, Sean’s look-alike, is the very jovial, yet down-to-earth type while Juliana, Frances’ carbon copy, is rather reserved and would always chose to be alone, though related with her sister and  parents.

Though both liberal in general, Sean and his wife have painstakingly nurtured their lovely twin daughters, since the age of three, to learn how to stay calm in the midst of life’s troubles and appreciate whatever that is given to them, regardless of size. This would come in handy in the future.

The best of Sean and Frances had always been shown during the Christmas period. This had been a tradition for almost eight years: To them, Christmas preparation typically begins on Dec 1 of that year.  All the paraphernalia of Christmas-Mistletoe, hampers, the Christmas interior and exterior decorators, the Christmas tree, Christmas lights, songs and Cheeses, Bunnies and a countless list would occupy their entire Oakland duplex. They would ensure her daughters’ room had Christmas treatments-children versions of what was in their bedroom and living room.  From December 23, countdown to the Christmas celebration would be alarmed. It was as comparable to the Track and Field drive-‘On your mark…,’ ‘Get Ready…,’ ‘Go! ‘

As with Sean and Frances, Tania and Juliana have so grown up with this orientation and gotten used to tradition that Dec. 1 is when Christmas begins. Celebrating the festive season with the rest of the neighborhood  at the Oakland City Square to see the Santa Claus, have fun, play with the ‘Mary-go-round’ facility  at the Oakland Amusement Park was what Sean, Frances. Tania and Juliana were fond of doing. Visiting Santa Claus at the Park would start from Dec. 18  all through to Jan.3.

At some point, however, they were confronted by a chronic turbulence that almost shut down completely their yuletide bliss…

Sean’s success attracted Ron, a friend and colleague of twenty years. He would always come to celebrate Christmas with Sean and his family. Through the years, “Ron” as Frances once observed, “has now become part of the family”. But a time came when he needed the assistance of Sean. Ron requested that Sean borrowed him a sum of $120,000 to execute a business plan in Young Island and promised to pay five months later with an interest rate amounting to 55%! He requested for this loan February 3 and assured his bosom friend updates every two weeks. On grounds of trust and after discussing it with Frances, Sean took the risk by lending the money to him.

What he thought would epitomize a ground-breaking business feat became tantamount to his insolvency! Two weeks later, Sean had nothing from Ron! Two months later, he still didn’t hear anything! Before he could bleak his eyes, eleven months have gone buy…Ron’s whereabouts in Young Island wasn’t known!  Sean had to close down his fast-growing T and T communication business to face the harsh reality he dreaded-poverty

From the period that chronic turbulence began, Frances had been the one shouldering the entire responsibility of the family. She would be the one to pay for their daughters’ tuition fees, utility bills, other miscellaneous expenses, and even Sean’s daily up-keep. They both endured through life’s thick and thin, complemented with the understanding of Tania and Juliana. Though they had cause to exchange words at each other, the strength of love between them kept the home in one peace.

Unlike Sean and Frances, all through from Dec 1 to Dec 22, nothing happened. In fact, their Oakland building had been a residing graveyard. Life was taken away. Absolute silence had its way. Yet, they still endured until the countdown periods came Frances, Tania and Juliana couldn’t stomach the pain any longer…

Dec. 23, At their Oakland Residence…

Time: 9:00AM

At the living room, Sean was with his daughters getting set for breakfast while Frances was in the kitchen to dish out the plates of Swiss cheese, fried chicken and Hamburger

“Dad, this is two days to Christmas…I haven’t seen any Christmas decoration in the house. We haven’t been seen Santa Claus! We haven’t heard fun like our friends and neighbors! Why?” Asked Tania, with a worry  on her face.

“Sweetheart, dad is going through some issues right now. But we’ll celebrate this Christmas. I assure you, Tania”

Sean was looking sobbed. His sudden mood change didn’t catch Tania’s attention as she charged towards the kitchen to assist her mom. But Juliana knew something wasn’t right.

“Dad, tell me what’s wrong? You were looking happy before now…but you’re keeping a pale face…”

“Oh! My princess”, Sean replied, pretending all was well, “it’s just that dad is beginning to see life from a different perspective. Remember what I used to you and Tania…”

“Hmmm…Yes! ‘No matter the situation in life, always stay calm!’”  Juliana answered in burst of enthusiasm.

“That’s good of you, Juliana. Remember how we celebrated Christmas last year? It was great and worth remembering. We had fun all the way, you know. But something really happened this year…It’s something that’s difficult to explain!”

“Why so difficult?” She asked out of curiosity.

Sean calmed the storm arising from Juliana’s wanting to know. “Baby, don’t worry about it. The bottom line is we’ll celebrate this Christmas like never before.”

Again, Juliana asked, “You’ve not answered my question, dad!”

Sean saw the ‘I-am-serious-to-know-what-happened’ look on her face but decided to tell her a tip of the iceberg.

“Okay…The resources are not available at the moment. But be rest assured, we’ll have the greatest Christmas fiesta! All I want from you now Is your confidence. We’ll be fine this Christmas. Have I ever disappointed you before?”

“No Dad”

Tania and Frances joined them at the dining table. With the food all dished out, they all began breakfast. It was at this time Sean said: “Juliana, Tania and Frances, Christmas celebration is not necessarily having fun with Santa Claus at the amusement park, playing with friends and neighbors and singing Christmas songs…It’s about knowing one thing…you’re the reason for the season! Tania, this Christmas celebration is made possible because of you! Juliana, we’ll be celebrating Christmas at a time as this because of YOU! Honey, Christmas celebration is blissful because of you. Bottom line is…we’re all the reason for the season, neither Santa nor the amusement park!!! Without us in the picture, there won’t be Christmas. But guess what? We will celebrate this one big time! You can eat your food”

The atmosphere of life lifted the dying hopes of Tania and Frances. Juliana was strong in her belief that Christmas will be celebrated. After breakfast, they both left the house to the Oakland Playground, several miles away from the Oakland Amusement Park, to have fun with their peers-neighbors and friends-as they usually do, while Sean was with his wife in the house, appreciating the essence of their union. The Oakland Playground management ensured that none of the kids present returned home on an empty stomach by serving each and everyone of them lunch and ‘take-away’ foods-cookies, French fries and canned milk. It was late in the evening the duo of Tania and Juliana came home. It wasn’t long enough that they retired to bed.

All through the night, Christmas songs filled the entire building as Sean took out time to search get tapes of recorded Christmas songs in his room with Frances.

Surprisingly, Sean had no idea of how this year’s Christmas celebration would be: there was nothing that looked like a glimmer of hope of celebrating the season-Money yet to be recovered from Ron whose whereabouts were unknown and how ‘realistically’ untrue his assurances were to his twin daughters  who wouldn’t want to discover the liar in their father.

However, he kept his hopes alive. Sean wasn’t alone in this. Frances, all along shouldering the weight of responsibilities of the family, was on hand to always assure him of that which he was confident of –celebrating Christmas with the rest of the Oakland Neighbors.

“Honey, you’ve always been the one that would say to me, ‘there is light at the end of every tunnel’ I know you…You’re really not confident as you ought to be. Yes, I know the mistake has been made…But guess what Sean? We’re all in this together. I’m happy we have a set of understanding daughters—Tania…Juliana. For over ten months, I’ve been carrying the whole family. Have I ever complained? It’s because I’ve always loved you, I love you and will continue to love you all my life…So, be of good cheer, Sean! They say, ‘two good heads are better than one’. With yours and mine fixing our beliefs together to making this year’s celebration a reality, it will happen, even though it’s less than 2 days before Christmas…”

Sean was consoled. On the bed where the both laid, she cuddled him and was able to wipe away the tears he tried shedding.

“I’m the happiest man in the world. An understanding wife and a set of two pearls—Tania and Juliana—all believing in me! Baby, I’m grateful! All through the years I’ve known you, you’ve never let me down; matter of fact, you’ve turned my world around for the better…God blessed the day I found you…”

Honey, its 2:00AM! Let’s take a rest with a knowing that something great within the next twenty four hours would take place…Christmas celebration this year is a strong possibility. I’m having the feeling…”

“You’re right, Frances. I agree with you hook, line and sinker. Let’s rest…”

They both slept on each other’s arms to the early morning hours of 7: 30AM.

Two Hours Later, Dec. 24…

Christmas songs permeated every part of the house.  Christmas themes as Jingle Bell, We Wish A Merry Christmas, Joy To The World and Noel were heard. Unlike yesterday, everywhere was booming with life, though there was no single Christmas decoration.

Tania and Juliana were done with breakfast and as usual, went off to play. Sean and Frances were in the house hoping, looking from all cardinals of the earth-north, south, east and west-for that miracle to make this year’s celebration a Christmas to remember.


“Honey, we don’t have to panic. We have to keep a positive outlook…Because a positive mindset produces a positive thought field and like a signal, it emits itself to the universe. The universe, you know, reflection of our being, sends to us what we attract-the right people, events and places. So, let’s go inside the bedroom as we observe our siesta, have fun with each other with the mindset or knowing that before tomorrow comes, we’ll have all that we require for this year’s celebration.”

“I agree with you, my love”, Frances said, hugging him passionately. She couldn’t just wait for them to go to bed! Eventually, the deed was done…

At about 9:58PM, when Tania and Juliana had long retired to bed and fell asleep, Sean and Frances were on the brink of losing out on hope when they heard a  rather strange knock on their living room’s door, the entrance and exit points of the house. Meanwhile, the Christmas songs were being played; although very slowly because of the time.

“Sean, I could hear someone knocking on our door”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Sean”

Sean switched off the audio player to confirm Frances’ claim. He heard the knock again.

“Sweetie, go get the door”


Frances went get the door as Sean sat on the Master Size Sofa looking on. To their bewilderment, it was Ron! They realized that he didn’t just come alone: he came in the company of other men, ready to decorate the house with the best of up-to-date interior and exterior Christmas decorations.

“I can’t believe my eyes! This is Ron!”

Sean jumped out of his sitting position and hurriedly charged towards Ron, hugging him.

“Where have you been?”

“Man”, Ron replied, as the men dressed like the Santa Claus stared at them, “It’s quite a long story. Do you mind them coming in?”

“Of course…guys come in!”

The men positioned properly all the exterior decorations at the building’s front yard and took the interior decorations with them.

“Gentlemen, please do have your seats”, Sean requested, as excitement took complete control of him. “Frances, Serve them a glass of water…at least, you must all have something!”

Sean knew that all was settled.  After they had been served each a glass of water, He didn’t waste much time to begin a discussion with Ron. Frances gladly took her seat at the dining room area to hear them discuss and observing all the decorations the men came with.

“Ron, how you’re doing? I tried looking for you all over the place, even in Long Island, but never thought you could disappear into thin air just like that”

“First, I’d say I’m sorry for what really happened. I thought the business would yield its anticipated success but my partners wanted to swindle me. But with my informants working for them, I was able to ensure that all went well. This came with a price, Sean…I had to live the comfort of my home and family and travel to Falk Island, where the business was later taking place. For the next ten months, I ensured everything went on as planned. Fortunately, everything went on as planned!”

“Woohoo!” Sean exclaimed. “This is incredible! This is a great feat!”

Frances couldn’t help but to express her tear-joy mood and the rest of the men, seven of them in number nodded their heads in happiness, chuckling at different intervals.

“Sean if you don’t mind, we would like you and your lovely wife to give us the permission to decorate the interior and exterior part of this house…”

“It’s fine by me! Frances, what do you think?”

“Honey, let them go head!”

“You have our words, Ron…Go ahead!”

Alright! Men, work starts now!”

For the next two hours, decorations were in progress-the interior and exterior parts of the building. All manner of Christmas lights, candles, bunnies, Christmas trees, toy versions of the Horses’ Rides, Amusement Park and others were all put in place. Sean and Frances, together with Ron saw to completion the decoration process.

“Merry Christmas” Ron said, shaking hands with Sean as Frances looks in awe at the building’s back yard. “All is finished! My men are done with the decoration… You, know Ron, we have to our leave.

“What can I say? It’s what words can’t explain…Frances, don’t you think we need to wake Tania and Juliana up from sleep? This is Christmas! This is a dream come true!”

“Yeah! You’re right!”

“Hurry up! Wake them now!”

Frances went climbed the staircase to wake her twin daughters in their rooms. Seeing that Frances had gone into the house, Ron took out something from his all-round jacket pocket a sealed envelope.

“Sean, I know I’ve been a disappointment to you these past few months and I know how much I’ve caused you and your family…”

“Never mind, Ron. It’s all happened in the past. Our concerns are today and tomorrow”

At this point, Sean was looking forward to what would in that envelope.

“I promised to make it all up to you…This is an envelope I specially sealed for your eyes only. Please, do me the favor of opening it.”


Sean opened the envelope and saw in it a check of one million dollars! Sean couldn’t believe his eyes.

“You must be kidding me!!! A check of one million dollars?!!! This can’t be true!!!”

“Shh! Hey, let no one hear this. You may tell Frances later. Once again, Merry Christmas to you and accept my apology… My manager is on ground for you to cash it anytime from now.”


“Wish you the same…Apologies accepted…Thank You…This wonderful…Exciting! I think you should be on our way to the bank. But let me message my wife…Hmmm…what do I say now… Yeah…Ron, call one of your men…the one you trust most. They are all at the front yard while we are here. Just would like him to tell my wife where I’ve gone to…the bank”

“But I’ve told you not to…”

“Don’t bother yourself” Sean interrupted, “Call that trusted man for me…”

“If you say so, no problem.”

Ron ran to call one of his workers but surprisingly saw Frances with her excited Tania and Juliana advancing towards him. As he halted, seeing that Frances and her daughter were standing opposite to him, he said: “Your husband and I are going to the bank right about now…There is an urgent call from my bank manager. See you later….”

“Let’s go together” She suggested.

“It’s not a bad idea”

It wasn’t long Ron, Sean, Frances, Juliana and the seven men drove off and hit the Oakland City Bank. As the cash was withdrawn, Frances and his family had to part ways with Ron and his men.

Three hours later, the Christmas celebration was heated up in the house like never before. No eyes went dim all through. It was fun all the way. Each and every member of the family couldn’t just wait for the breaking of the day…To catch the fun they thought they have for this year’s Christmas. Their building’s decorations were sights to behold: it was the most decorated in the whole Oakland!

From Dec.25 through to Jan.3, the following year, Christmas celebration filled their mouths and touched all fibers of their being.

At about 4:00PM at the Oakland Amusement Park, Sean said to Frances, as they observed their daughters having fun with other kids, “This is a Christmas to remember…the power of collective belief brought us this far… Yes, our countdown didn’t go as we expected but everything happened for a reason”

“You’re right honey.”

They cuddled each other and kissed passionately.

Final installment of Chimezie Ihekuna’s drama The Success Story

Chimezie Ihekuna


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At Greg’s Residence…

[Six months after publication]

Copies of the book, ‘The Success Story’ are showcased in the living room. There are the first ordered one thousand copies, courtesy of the advanced payment money. Sales of copies of the book are ongoing. Dwellers from the same Gat Street are trooping into the house to purchase copies of the book.

At home, Andrew, Jane and the author himself, Greg, are on hand to monitor sales as neighbours come into their residence to order copies of the book. Mr and Mrs Smith are not left out. They are assisting in the sales of the work by ensuring the gate and the entrance to the Living Room is opened between the hours of 8:30AM to 8: 30PM from Mondays through Fridays. Copies of the books are rested on two wooden tables located just steps away from the gate, where Andrew is supervising and the one positioned at the door side of the Living Room, supervised by Jane. They are arranged in such a way that movements of book buyers, in and out of the apartment, will not be hindered. Each table has five hundred copies. The hundred free copies rests on the Center Table and it is only given out to family members, close friends, associates and well-wishers.

Andrew and Jane are to earn a commission of ten percent off the total sales for the week and have for free three copies of the book each, for a start. Greg reserves for himself ten copies, gives his mom and dad a total of eight copies, four each. Greg is left with eighty six copies of the book lying on the Center Table.  Greg is moving around to ensure no interruption in flow of movement of people by his book and Jane and Andrew are doing what they are told. Mr and Mrs Smith, each having a copy of the book, are reading it.

Though there is the influx of interested book buyers coming in, three people, Mrs Smith is typically gazing at, entering the Living Room through the gate,appear familiar. One, a male, is the youngest and tallest. The other two appears to be his parents. The young man is at the middle. Mrs Smith drops the book she is reading on the Center Table to approach them closely. Mr Smith is concentrated in the reading of the book and does not have any faintest idea of what is going on. Greg holds a copy of The Success Story book in admiration and keeps it alongside the resting-on-the-Center-Table copies. His gaze is not in the same direction as his mom’s.

Mrs Smith realizes they are the duo of Mr and Mrs Daniels. The older female leave the older and the youngest males to charge towards Mrs Smith. They hug each other passionately.

Mrs Smith (looks at her properly): Mrs Daniels, is this you?

Mrs Daniels (identifies): Yes, I am. Full flesh and blood

She showcases her feminine physique to Mrs Smith.

Mrs Smith (comments): You never change from your old girlish ways

Mrs Daniels: I’m the girl about town, anytime!

Mrs Smith wants to confirm they are—whom she came with. The older one is taking his time to stylishly walk towards them. The youngest sights Greg and smiles, as he walks about the same pace with the older

Mrs Smith: Is that old man not your husband? Mr Daniels?

Mrs Daniels: Yes

Mrs Smith: Long Time, no see long time no hear

Mrs Daniels (laughs): It’s been donkey years. It’s been ages!

Mrs Smith yells the name of her husband, tells them—-the identified older one, Mr Daniels and the youngest to hasten up. She creates attention as every Tom, Dick and Harry in the building, including Greg, Jane and Andrew stand still to find out what’s going on. Greg has not seen his long-time-no-see friend, the young man, Harp. Harp has seen him but takes his time to suspiciously tip-toe his way from the door’s entrance to where Greg is.

Mr Smith (screams in excitement): Mr Smith, come and see our august visitor!!! Mr Daniels, why not hasten up and join us?

Mr Daniels hasten up and meets them at the Living Room few steps away from where the second wooden table is positioned. Mr Smith does same. Harp makes it to where Greg is sited—the long sofa, now reading his book. Harp watches his ‘’long time, no see’’ read his written book. He takes a copy and begins the reading, in hopes that Greg call his attention in surprise.

Mr Smith shakes hands with Mr Daniels. They hug each other. The women, Mrs Smith and Mrs Daniels accompany each other to the dining table to talk their talk—The Women Talk

Mr Smith (notices changes in Mr Daniels): How time flies! You used to be very chubby, young and sweet. But now, you’re ageing gracefully

Mr Daniels (admits): You man, how it is…Stress. Why won’t I age when I have chains of business to run and all that… And you know, women

Mr Smith: You need not to tell me

Mr Daniels: It’s really been a while, Smith. How is life?

Mr Smith: Trying to make ends meet

Mr Daniels (looks at his casual dress): Hmmm… I see

Mr Smith: I thought I wouldn’t hear from you again.

Mr Daniels: It’s not what it is, Smith. It’s just that the time for, you know, all that…

Mr Smith: All that what? I’m listening…

Mr Daniels: Never mind

Mr Smith: I guess something brought you here…

Mr Daniels: Yes, in a way

Mr Smith: No wonder they say ‘Success has many fathers, and draws family from afar but failure is an orphan’’. Now I see

Mr Daniels: You said it!

Mr Smith: Let’s make ourselves comfortable! We can talk more on this and other stuff.

Mr Daniels: Ok

They both head to take seats on the sofas, facing Greg and Harp who are sitting on the longest sofa. Sales are ongoing. Mr Smith and Mr Daniels are discussing issues but quietly to avoid by heard by Greg and Harp.Greg is about to stand up to stretch is body a bit when he sees a surprise, just staring at him but holding a copy of his book In his hand…Harp

Greg (shouts in utter disbelief): Who am I seeing? Is this Harp?

Harp (dressed in all black suit): Yes…This is Harp!

They shake and hug each other

Greg: Why didn’t you pay me a visit for once in the past three years?

Harp: I’m sorry. School issues and other things—like dad’s businesses

Greg: And you didn’t take a time-out to see me for three good years…You’re funny!

Harp: I told you I’m sorry

Greg (accepts his apology): You’re still my very good friend, no matter what!

Harp: You name is everywhere in school, libraries, media houses…Been to places and I’ve heard your name mentioned.

Greg: Thanks to the publicity and media coverage by my publisher, Creative Publishing Press

Harp: That’s good to know!

Greg: It’s been a three-year journey. Wished you were coming to visit me all these while…

Harp (feeling guilty): I know, Greg. I ought. However, I will make it all up to you.

Greg: Okay. By now, you should be done with school…I, for now, haven’t kept in touch with Dr Tim Yale

Harp (corrects): Prof Tim Yale

Greg: I see. Like I mentioned, I haven’t kept in touch with him except for the recent book signing at the school’s Main Library. It was an impromptu call from my publisher to do it there. Though Dr, oh sorry, Prof Tim was there, I didn’t even get to contact you. Look at me! Students from other departments bought copies of my book and I had some autographed.

Harp: You see… you were at fault. In fact, the last time you communicated with me was over the phone. But you didn’t give me details on what went down behind the letter of release…

Greg (admits): Yes, that’s another flaw. I agree with you. I felt it was a long story…What was important to me was the fact that I’ve been granted a release letter.

Harp: Hmmm…

Greg (Ponders): That reminds me…I’ve been thinking on the inside of me and I’m voicing it out: ‘’how did Harp locate this place? Without his locating this place, his parents wouldn’t know’’

Harp (Laughs): You’re funny man. Do remember when you scribbled your address at the ME Lecture Room?

Greg (closes his eyes as he remembers): Ahhh….Yes!

Harp: You get it now, Right?

Greg: I see

Harp: I need not to be explained to because your success is self-explanatory. My parents are here because I had to force them to come. They are one set of business people I’ve ever seen! Workaholics!

Greg: With the chains of businesses you dad has, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. That’s all I have to say.

Harp: In the next fifteen minutes or so, we’ll be out of here. Dad wants us to move to Burke County for a business deal. He’s using me as s front because I finally finished as the overall best graduating student. And based on my qualification as a trained mechanical engineer, he wants to secure the deal.

Greg: I understand. But I wished you stayed a bit longer. Business has to be attended to.

Harp: Thanks for your understanding!

Greg: Alright. Let’s read. I know you weren’t concentrating on the book you held in your hand. You wanted catch me unawares. You did. But let’s read…

Harp: You said it! I agree, let me read…More seriously

Greg chuckles as Harp takes the copy from the table to read. Mr Smith and Mr Daniel are seen exchanging contacts and business cards as they discuss. Their audibility is below the hearing reach of Greg and Harp, Mrs Smith and Mrs Daniels.This is ongoing for the next sixteen minutes. Books are being sold in twos, threes, fours, to neighbours and other buyers by Jane and Andrew. Mr Danielsstands up, shakes Mr Smith, alerts his observant wife and son, ‘’it’s time to leave for the deal’’. He checks his gold-coated Rolex wrist-watch. Harp takes his standing position and is being joined by Mrs Daniels. They meet at the Center Table area. Mrs Smith is still sited, as is her husband. But Greg is upstanding, side by side Harp.

Mr Daniels makes an informal closing speech to the hearing of the trooping-in book buyers. Majority of them are listening to what he is saying, though purchasing, but Andrew and Jane are in the business of sales of the book’s copies.

Mr Daniels (audible): It’s a great time being here. I’m happy that we’re all together again after a long time of absence.Success, they say, draws many family members from far and wide but failure keeps them at armslenght. It is with great joy to see Greg attaining this height of success. He’s a specially gifted young man. But the show of maturity this young man exhibited, in terms of giving up what he was excellent at to face his dream in a time as ours is something worth applauding. Now, I know success isn’t cheap…It comes with a price! Greg, congratulations on this great feat of yours. More powers, more grease to your elbows of aspirations in the future! I wish I had the time in the world to stay all day with you—this is a great family. Unfortunately, time is not our friend. My very good friend, since our schooling days at the University of Berth, is aware of this—or at least—-I told him how very pressing my schedules have been. I want to believe my wife has told his the same thing. Harp, I believe, would have told Greg the same. We have discussed at length—Mr Smith and me. The old memories are rekindled once again!

Of course, by we have discussed, I know better his current family as does he mine. Andrew, Jane and the big man himself, Greg…You’re making dad and mom proud!

As we take our leave, we want to support this celebrated young man, Greg, with a cheque of 80, 000 Talars

Mr Daniels hands over the cheque from his wife to Greg. Everyone under the sound of his voice clap hands. The ‘wow’ reaction is expressed obviously on the faces of Andrew and Jane as they take a look at the presentation of the cheque to their brother.

Mr Daniels (concludes):Twenty friends can be together in the same place for twenty years. But their coming together after over twenty years is indeed The Success Story.

Thanks for listening.

The trio of Mr and Mrs Daniels and Harp are leaving the Living Room. Applauses from people present at the time of his informal closing-speech presentation trail them. Greg accompanies them. He presents 18 copies of the book to them for free—-seven copies each to Mr and Mrs Daniels and four to Harp. Mr and Mrs Smith wave their hands to Jane and Andrew. They responded the same way.

Mr and Mrs Smith finally wave the ‘bye, bye’ sign at Mr and Mrs Daniels, together with Harp, at the gate. They wave back in a heartfelt way, and left…


*Barrister Frank is not able to make it because he informed Mr Smith of an impending case he has to handle prior to the day of Greg’s ‘’at-home’’ book event.



The Publishing Company is making huge profits off the sales of Greg’s book, just a month after publication. People are massively ordering copies of the book. Young, middle aged and elderly people, organizations, mega bookstores, all ministries within Perth and outside the city are all ordering en masse copies of the 105-page book. Greg’s royalty promises to be very colossal. The company is currently scheduling various speaking arrangements, book signings, and TV and radio interviews for Greg outside Perth. The book has sold in the last four months over 300,000 copies. And still counting!

The University of Perth is currently strategizing on working out for the first time in its history the College of Creative Writing for students who intends to make writing as their career. Greg has just en conferred an honorary Doctorate Degree by the university with the intention of making him the first Creative Writing lecturer

Creative Publishing Press is working on publishing the other nine works by Greg, considering the success of The Success Story. Never Too Late and Dare to Come Back are the first two works of his undergoing production.

Barrister Frank is currently dating Pamela Jong, secretary, Creative Publishing Press, in secret.

Greg is currently in a serious relationship with Sandra Brooks, the younger sister to the publisher

The running of Mr Daniels chains of businesses falls is Harp’s responsibility.

The Smiths are regular visitors to the Daniels (vice versa)

Greg makes Jane his personal assistant. She’s through with her studies.

Andrew is working with Pearl Management Services, a company situated in the heart of Perth. The Daniels are looking at incorporating him in their business network.
































Chimezie Ihekuna’s Sixth Installment of the Success Story

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Chimezie Ihekuna

The Building: Creative Publishing Press 

It is a large three-storey building that has the banner, covering most the frontage of the middle floor, when looked at, from an exterior view, the multi-coloured banner that reads: Creative Publishing Press…a literary forte where writers become authors. The office of the publishing manager is at the third floor. The symbol representing stacks of book by an individual writing on a table, is also depicted in the banner.

The first floor is the Production Department. This is where they are various machines designed to make ready formatted and edited manuscripts print-ready and publication-worthy—for marketing and distribution. They are ten to fifteen workers operating the heavy-duty and electricity-powered machines. The second floor has in it the various offices. There is the Legal Department office; where there are two employed intellectual property lawyers that draft fair contracts which would serve as the basis for business between authors—those whose works have been accepted for publication—and the publishing company.

There is the Editorial Department Office. This is where the various editing sections take place. Editors, five to ten in number, have the responsibility of touching the manuscripts such as grammar corrections, revision, content addition or subtraction at the three-stage processes, known as editing passes. The Media and Publicity Office has trained media professionals and publicists, whose tasks are to provide quality interviews for published authors, publish them in various major dailies and the much-needed publicity to get their names heard throughout Perth and beyond.

The largest part of the second floor is occupied by the Bookstore Department Office. This is where books of published authors are showcased and available for readers to purchase directly from the company at discounted prices. There is the store manager and attendant. All of the offices are spacious enough and have in-built in them well-designed synthetic ventilators. The last floor is exclusively for the founder and publishing manager. It is called Office of The Publisher. It is the most spacious office in the building. Any visitor would have to stay at the Secretary’s Corner pending when the publisher is ready to attend to that person. The office of the Publisher has a mini-library where all books of published authors solely by the company are showcased.

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Chimezie Ihekuna’s drama The Success Story, Fifth Installment

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Chimezie Ihekuna

[Greg begins his journey of writing in the Living Room. All parts of the Living Room are convenient for Greg except there are visitors.]

Greg stays in the house continues for the next three years. He is faced with several rejections. The writing materials he has in his possession tell how many writing conferences he has attended. Jane, currently on a month break after her first semester at the University of Perth, studying General Medicine, is on hand to see through Greg is doing. She is doing a great job encouraging Greg in his pursuit. At times, Jane’s mood appears discouraging to Greg. But Greg’s passion does not give in easily. Though there are certain reasons for the manuscript rejections that may want to frustrate him, Jane never gives up encouraging him. Andrew is busy with studies the Perth Institute of Business Management. Mr Smith just left for work while Mrs Smith is in the kitchen preparing breakfast for Jane and Greg.

 Despite having his first and second books, ‘Never Late’ and ‘Dare to get Back on Track’ being rejected over seventy times by publishers and agencies in Perth, Berth and beyond, Greg has written in book form and submitted to different publishers other ten manuscripts, including his just-finished piece, The Success Story.

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Poetry from Chimezie Ihekuna

The Beauty of Originality

Chimezie Ihekuna

When there is love, facade fades
When there is truth, triviality decays
When there is reality, illusion wanes
When there is purpose, obscurity gives ways
When there is life, death never weighs…

That’s the beauty of originality

 The Wrong Side of Life’s Bell

I was in a cell
But i never knew it’d be hell

I thought i was well
Until i pressed life’s wrong bell
The consequence was what i lived to tell;
Time was the revelation on how i fell ”Why am i in hell?!!!”,
i choose to yell
A still voice said: ”I need to realize that you were a wrong sell”
”That’s why you fell into life’s wrong bell”