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astral dawn cover

 Adam Brown’s Astral Dawn

Astral Dawn is a science fiction/fantasy, that takes the reader beyond our earthly home. Caspian, the hero, has gone beyond our world in his dream. He discovers that there is indeed life after death. Although he has not passed on, the spirits from the Celestial City train him to fight with them to keep the Celestial Stone safe. He also possesses the ability to identify dark spirits when they have disguised themselves. Astral Dawn is very well written and will keep the reader intrigued. I highly recommend it and hope you will enjoy it as much as I have. I rate Astral Dawn with five stars!!
William Jefferson’s Messages from Estillyen
Messages from Estillyen is a deeply reflective novel about an Abbey on the Isle of Estillyen. People go there to reflect and take part of the readings by the monks. The readings are passages of the Bible, they go much deeper than just reading. They reflect, analyze and discuss. The story is about Goodwin and Hollie MacBreeze. Hollie has a progressive kidney disease. They have stopped at Estillyen as the last part of their journey. Goodwin and Hollie meet Oban Ironbout, who has land and a home on the island. Both Goodwin and Hollie become friends with Ironbout, who has been a bit of a loner and hermit there. This is a very deep and reflective novel. Not one to be read quickly, so take your time and put your feet up. You will enjoy this novel page after page. I recommend this book very highly.
Rats by Joe Klingler
Cover of RATS, by Joe Klingler
Rats is an exciting political thriller. The story flows fast and smooth and will keep the reader engrossed and on the edge of her seat page after page.
The novel is about small robot bombs that blow up the Alaskan pipeline, and later the story moves on to the leftover mines in Vietnam. One of these bombs, known as RATS, does not detonate and a 12 year old boy finds it. The boy takes it to his room, but his mother sees it and calls the authorities. The RAT eventually goes off, luckily away from the boy and his family. The boy is taken to a school where he is told not to tell anyone, so he is then afraid to speak at all.
Three army personnel are sent into China and ordered to eliminate the person whom they are told caused the damage. When they ride across the border into Vietnam to meet at their destination point to be airlifted out, a drone with missiles arrives instead to kill all three of them. Cam and Wu are killed but Damon finds Claire still alive. He brings her to the small hospital where she is nursed back to health. Damon and Claire then set out to stop General Billy Williams before he can kill anyone else.
They also find and bring forth evidence of what happened, so the deadly landmines that lie forgotten in Vietnam’s countryside will be cleared out. I very highly recommend RATS. Even if you don’t usually read political thrillers, this is one I am very sure you will enjoy. Five Stars for RATS by Joe Klingler.
RATS may be purchased here: http://www.amazon.com/Rats-Joe-Klingler/dp/1941156029/