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K.C. Simos’ Ambrosia Chronicles: the Discovery (part of a trilogy)

Book cover of Ambrosia Chronicles: Discovery

WOW!! Ambrosia Chronicles: The Discovery is an absolute must have for the fantasy lover. There is a hint of romance, magic, mystery, suspense and intrigue. It is the story of Alex who is going to school in Birmingham to be a lawyer. One day she runs into a classmate from grade school, Ian. He introduces her to his roommate Shan. One day she feels as though she has upset Shan and follows him to apologize when he is attacked. He hands her a pouch and tells her to stay hidden. What happens next will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. I highly recommend Ambrosia Chronicles, I absolutely loved the book!

The Ambrosia Chronicles are loosely inspired by Greek mythology and available for purchase here: http://www.amazon.com/Ambrosia-Chronicles-Discovery-K-C-Simos-ebook/dp/B00R4WWNBQ

Nicole Quinn’s Disbelief: The Gold Stone Girl Book 2

Book cover of Nicole Quinn's Disbelief

Disbelief is part two of the really great fantasy The Nightmare. It is filled with adventure and will keep the reader turning every page until the end. An SUL, Sulis, has come to Winkin City to take a life. Reve, Lord Nightmare, escapes from Winkin City and his mother, the Nightmare, in search of Rose, the Gold Stone Girl. He has fallen in love with her. He goes to the Off Grid to the people who raised her and they let him know she is not there. Rose was given to a monster in Disbelief. He now must find Disbelief in order to find his beloved Rose. I highly recommend Disbelief. I absolutely loved the book!

Disbelief, and the rest of the Gold Stone Girl series, may be purchased here: http:/www.amazon.com/Disbelief-Gold-Stone-Girl-Book-ebook/dp/B00SSJ2C7O/

Victoria Alexandra’s The Book Of Darkness: The Cora Myers Series

Cover of Victoria Alexandra's The Book of Darkness

The Book of Darkness is an exciting fantasy in which the last Protector must find the Book of Darkness and restore the King’s throne. Cora is the last Protector and a powerful witch who agrees to help the Hunter for help in finding her father and brother. It is the tale of good and evil. The evil ones want to take over but need the Book of Darkness in order to enhance their powers. The evil ones want to kill the good ones if they do not come over to the dark side. Read Book of Darkness today and enter the exciting world of fantasy and magic. I highly recommend this book.

Victoria Alexandra’s The Book of Darkness may be purchased here: http://wwww.amazon.com/Book-Darkness-Cora-Myers-ebook/dp/B00HB97QPA/