Elizabeth Hughes’ Book Periscope

Storm Over South Africa: The Rutherford Chronicles Part 1 by Michael G. Bergen
Storm Over South Africa: The Rutherford Chronicles Part 1 is the history of the Anglo-Boer War that happened from 1899-1902. Mr. Bergen has done an impressive and extensive research into this very short war in South Africa. He begins with the major people in the war from short bios of their lives to how they became involved from the very beginning. The extensive research into each and every one is interesting and comprehensive. He brings all of it together and brings the story of the war alive for the reader. This is and excellent read for the history buff, particularly someone interested in South African history. This book is a must read for the home library of the history buff. I found it highly interesting and amazingly detailed. I highly recommend this book.
My Name Is Tom by JonĀ Reeves
My Name is Tom is the story of Tom Joyce. His parents were two teens that lived in England in the 1970’s. The girl’s parents were staunch Christian, her boyfriend’s parents were not. The decision was made after Tom was born that the baby be given up for adoption. When Tom was born, the adoptive parents chose to name him Tom With their last name of Joyce. The adoptive mother was a staunch “Christian”, her husband was not, but went along with his wife’s decision. They also had a daughter. They adopted Tom so their family would be complete with one girl child and one boy child. As Tom grew older his mother became indifferent and always seemed angry or upset with Tom. He found solace in listening to rock on his record player. He became well versed in the latest bands, particularly those in England. When he became a teen, particularly an older teen, he became friends with guys that like the rave scene of the 80’s. He began going to raves on weekends and also began taking drugs, particularly Ecstasy with his friends. My Name is Tom is an excellent coming of age story set in England in the 70’s and 80’s. I enjoyed it very much and am sure that you will too.
Boston Darkens by Michael Kravitz
bostondarkensfront cover
Boston Darkens by Michael Kravitz may be fiction but it is completely plausible. It might be only one hundred pages, but a very powerful story is packed into that one hundred pages. It is about EMP’s, these are electromagnetic pulses. An EMP nuclear device has been set off and has completely stopped everything electronic, including all electricity, cars, cell phones, cell phone towers, all media except for survival radios. The Randal’s live in a nice neighborhood in Massachusetts. Most areas have been taken over by gangs, looting murder and other crimes. In Mr. Randal’s neighborhood the neighbors have come together to form a collaborative. They work together and share what they have to try to survive. Boston Darkens is a very plausible suspense thriller. It is very well written and will engage the reader to the very end. In just 100 pages it is not only a powerful fictional story, but is important to get people to start thinking of what could and might happen in this age where everything is run electronically. I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it.
Supremacy by K.M. Lovejoy
Supremacy by K.M. Lovejoy is a humorous political thriller with S and M erotica. If you liked Fifty Shades, you will love Supremacy even more. Supremacy makes Fifty Shades look like a PG rated beginners manual for S & M. Peter Graves lives in Oakland, CA with his wife and they have two daughters. He is suffering from a cancer called astrocytoma. The only hope he has is from embryonic stem cells created from his own sperm. However, the Supreme Court justices need to pass it into law. The only one standing in the way with his vote is Justice Sylvester Johnson. Peter is also heavily into porn and meets Aletha Maxwell, an ex-CIA and gets heavily into the S&M scene. What happens next gives the reader a well written erotic political thriller that will keep you intrigued until the very end. If you love S&M erotica you will love Supremacy by K.M. Lovejoy.