Elizabeth Hughes’ Book Periscope

The Motor Hotels of Central Avenue by PW Covington
The Motor Hotels of Central Avenue by PW Covington is a must have for the poetry lover’s home library. This is a compilation of poems that Mr. Covington wrote while traveling across the country. I love the pictures of the different motels he has included throughout the book. Some of my favorite poems in the book are, Amazon, Navarro Street, In Transit, Value Menu and Shambhala Stops. Although each and every one of the poems are all very good. This is a book you can curl up with in the evening with a favorite beverage and read either from cover to cover or skip around. I enjoyed each and every one of Mr. Covington’s poems and highly recommend The Motor Hotels of Central Avenue. If you have never really read or gotten into poetry before, this would be the perfect book of poetry to start with.
Supernatural Island: Book One by Raven Bohannon
Supernatural Island is the first book in a paranormal series. It is perfect for teen to adult readers. It is about Lillith Kern, who was stolen from her father when she was very young. As she becomes a young lady a package suddenly appears. In this package is a way for her father to find her. Lillith finds out she not only has a twin brother but she is a princess with bloodlines that go back thousands of years in the world of vampires. When she and her friends are with her father and now their new family, they have to prepare for a war with the evil one who wants to marry Lillith. Supernatural Island Book One is the first in a paranormal series. I personally liked it so much more than the Twilight series and highly recommend this book.
Follow the Leader by Gina Sano
Follow the Leader by Gina Sano is a delightful children’s book. It is an Australian children’s story about a little girl working in her garden when she notices itchy grubs following each other in a line. The little girl follows the grubs across the garden and watches them as if they were playing follow the leader. In the back of the book is a song called Itchy Itchy Little Grub sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Another nice feature are websites one can go to for information on the itchy grub. This is a delightful, fun book to read to a small child with beautiful, colorful illustrations. I very highly recommend this book.
Review of A Dollar Five by Sheryl J. Bize Boutte
A Dollar Five by Sheryl J. Bize-Boutte is a collection of short stories and poems that cover the author’s childhood memories in Oakland CA starting in 1956. Some of the short stories bring back memories. The first poem “Childthink” is one that brings back memories of playing cards attached to the spokes of bicycle wheels. I also liked Crossing Bridges with Perry Mason very much. I enjoyed each and every poem and short story very much. They are a mix of happy, sad and funny. This book of short stories and poems is a very unique look into the author’s life and how a young African-American girl grew up in 1950’s Oakland CA. I enjoyed this very much and very highly recommend this book.
All That and More’s Wedding by Sheryl J. Bize-Boutte
All That and More’s Wedding by S. J. Bize-Boutte contains 4 short stories. The stories are humorous and suspenseful. My particular favorite is Inky and the Carpenter. It is about a man that does maintenance in a hospital that is scheduled for demolition. He finds out his favorite childhood star is in a room in one of the buildings that is no longer in use. Inky and NickRon develop a companion type friendship. NickRon tells his wife about Inky and all the stories she tells him. Then one day things go very wrong. It is a very gripping tale that will keep you reading to the end. Perfect for a quick read or a gift for yourself or a friend. I highly recommend this book, I enjoyed it very much.
Running for the 2:10 More Stories From a Baby Boomer’s Ongoing Journey by Sheryl J. Bize-Boutte
Running For the 2:10 is a collection of autobiographical stories of the author’s life. Once again she has written the stories with humor and of course, as with anyone’s life, some sadness. This is a very well written book that anyone, of our “certain age” can relate to. I enjoyed each and everyone of the stories. This would be an excellent book for yourself or a gift. I very highly recommend Running for the 2:10.
A Bridge With A House…Oregon’s Covered Bridges by Steven E. Hunnicutt
A Bridge With A House… is a beautiful book of the covered bridges in Oregon. There is information about each bridge. Each bridge is unique and beautiful. Mr. Hunnicutt took amazing pictures of each one. This book would make a wonderful coffee table book for your home or the home of a friend. It would also be great as a travel guide to one who is planning a trip to Oregon. I very highly recommend the wonderful book.