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Out of Uganda In 90 Days by Urmila Patel


Out of Uganda in 90 Days is the gripping memoir of Urmila Patel. She and her family lived in Uganda from the time she was very young. There were many families who lived there who were of Indian descent. They went to school, had friends and led a full life in Uganda. She did not remember India and her younger siblings had never been to India.

Then one day in 1971, Idi Amin came to power. He was a cruel and ruthless dictator. He would order his soldiers to go through and rob, torture and murder people. He ordered all people from India to leave Uganda and go back to India. They could not take their money, jewels, anything of value. If they did not hand over their valuables they would be beaten, tortured and murdered.

Urmila and her family were able to board a train just a few days before the deadline by which they had to be out. From the train they all boarded a ship for the remainder of the trip. Despite their fear, Urmila Patel describes the beauty of seeing lions, elephants and other animals on their journey.

This book will definitely keep you reading to the very end.  Urmila has a gift for writing and you are able to picture her descriptions all the way through. I highly recommend this book. It is a very interesting account of a young teen’s harrowing journey out of a country she called home.

Urmila Patel’s Out of Uganda in 90 Days is available here. 


Dr. Ramon Pinon’s Friction and Fantasy

Friction and Fantasy is a very informative and interesting book about sex: its history and how it affects us. He talks about how opinions of women and their sexuality has evolved through history. He goes in depth about the role fantasy plays in the sexual experience. He touches on a variety of topics. The research and quotes make this book very informative concerning topics many won’t ask about openly.  I highly recommend this book.
To Keep A Butterfly from Flying by Cynthia Snyder
In To Keep A Butterfly From Flying, Cynthia gets a job on a cruise ship as a hairdresser in the ship’s salon. She is getting out of a rough relationship and wants to work on a cruise ship to try to put her life back in perspective. She finds out that the work requires long hours with hardly any time off. The people who come to work on the ship come from all different countries. She learns about their varied cultures and finds out how different, yet alike, everyone is. This is a quick yet interesting read. I loved the story and recommend it very much.