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The Eyes of Abel by Daniel Jacobs

The Eyes of Abel by Daniel Jacobs

Daniel Jacobs’ The Eyes of Abel

The Eyes of Abel is a very good novel with surprising twists and turns. It is the story of Roger Charlin, a journalist, and Maya Cohen, a security agent for El Al Airlines…or is she? Charlin poses undercover, and tries to go through the security check point at El Al.

However, Maya figures out who he is quickly. She agrees to an interview with Charlin and they develop an unlikely relationship. They are both working on a fusion energy project that would lead to less reliance on oil from the Middle East. Their goal is to prevent a war in Israel, when other countries have missiles pointed at the country.

The Eyes of Abel is an extremely good novel and keeps the reader riveted to every page all the way through. It is full of nonstop suspense. Mr. Jacobs, I rate The Eyes of Abel 5 stars and very highly recommend this book. The Eyes of Abel is most definitely ‘my cup of tea’!!!

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