Elizabeth Hughes’ Book Periscope

First of all, Elizabeth has  written an original poem to start off this month’s column, and to celebrate some upcoming positive changes in her life:

I wake up in the morning feeling sad and blue,
Then I remember I will have an apartment soon…this is true!
All of the frustration, all of the praying,
So, listen to what I’m saying….
The apartment will be mine
Then I will be so happy, thankful and feeling oh, so fine.
I won’t have any furniture, no, not even a bed,
However, more importantly, I will have my very own roof over my head!
So, when I wake up in the morning, feeling sad and blue,
Then I thank our Lord Jesus, because I will have an apartment soon…this is very true!!!!!!

Review of The Seventh Distinction: The Path to Personal Mastery, Leadership and Peak Performance
by Luis E. Romero
The Seventh Distinction: A Path to Personal Mastery, Leadership and Peak Performance, by Luis E. Romero, is a really great self-help book. It talks about how to bring yourself to your “peak performance” through “personal mastery.” In the introduction is a parable by Mr. Romero. I absolutely loved the parable, it really makes you think about how you view the world around you.
I would recommend that one reads this book with highlighter and pen in hand to highlight and underline parts that they want to study and memorize. One can definitely learn a great deal about overcoming any obstacles in one’s life that will keep one from achieving success. I have highlighted sentences and paragraphs on practically every page.
Thank you Mr. Romero for a really great book! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to achieve much more in their life. The Seventh Distinction is definitely “my cup of tea!”
Review of The Darker Side of the Sun, by Nina Wornham
The Darker Side of the Sun is written about the author’s life as she went through a very ugly separation and divorce. Her ex went through an assortment of terror tactics to try to get her to agree on the lowest settlement possible. This book has some very good advice by the author. I feel that The Darker Side of the Sun can help female or male alike when it comes to dealing with vindictive spouses. I highly recommend this book. Ms. Wornham has written a very enlightening book of courage you must read. This book is most definitely “my cup of tea!”
Elizabeth Hughes is a reviewer and animal lover from San Jose, CA.