Elizabeth Hughes’ Book Periscope – September 2015

Review of The Trotter of Tweeville: Harraf Namrattle by Shirin Lederman
The Trotters of Tweeville Harraf Namrattle is a very cute book. It should be read by mothers and fathers to their children, teachers to students, day care workers to the children they watch. It teaches all about manner and the importance of thinking before one speaks. There is too much rudeness in the world today, especially from children. This book teaches how much nicer it is to think before one speaks and hurts the feelings of another. I highly recommend it.
The Trotters of Tweeville Zavis DaMavis, Book 2 by Shirin Lederman
The Trotters of Tweeville Zavis DaMavis is as delightful and educational as the first book. The illustrations are colorful and so cute. Book 2 teaches children on the importance of treating others as they would like to be treated. This is also a must have for anyone that is in charge of teaching young and impressionable minds. I highly recommend this book.
Not So Wise Old Owl by Robert Parfett
Not So Wise Old Owl is the perfect book for toddlers, preschool and even kindergartners. Each page rhymes and can be read to children in a rhyming sing song voice. It is a very delightful story and just flows as it is read. Children will love the story and parents and caregivers will have reading it to them. I very highly recommend this book. I absolutely loved it and it brought a smile to my face!