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What To Do When You’re Dead, by Sondra Sneed, is a very unique book about her interview with God. It opens up your mind about the true meaning of why we are here on earth and what is expected of us by God. The book tells us what our soul is and what happens to our soul when we die. In her interview with God, He tells of the Grim Reaper and what the Grim Reaper really is. She mentions in the interview how important it is that we live the way God has intended for us to live. Also, if mankind does not change, that mankind will cause destruction not only of the earth in which we live, but, of the destruction of our soul as well. She mentions where our soul goes right after we die, before we cross over. Thank you Sondra for such an insightful and informative book. I highly recommend this book, it is definitely “my cup of tea”!

Sondra Sneed’s What to Do When You’re Dead is available here from Square One Publishers, here: http://www.amazon.com/What-To-When-Youre-Dead/dp/1937907112/ This publisher also discovered the famous Conversations with God book years ago and is excited to bring Sondra Sneed’s words to the public.


Divorce: A Survival Guide for Men, by Gary Huerta, has some very amusing parts in it. It may be written for men, however, it has some very good advice that can be used by women also. I enjoyed the book very much. I recommend this book even for females! Thank you Mr. Huerta for an amusing and informative book! This book is definitely “my cup of tea”!
Gary Huerta’s Divorce: A Survival Guide for Men may be purchased here: http://www.amazon.com/DIVORCE-Survival-Guide-For-Men/dp/1480173223
Poland At The Door by Evelyn Posamentier is written in a unique style…which I like very much. Although it is a very short book it carries a very powerful message. The book tells of Poland in war times, how frightening and horrifying it was. I enjoyed reading Ms. Posamentier’s book very much. I highly recommend this unique piece about when Poland was at war. Poland At the Door by Evelyn Posamentier is definitely “my cup of tea”!!
The Adventures of Chi-Chi the Chinchilla, written by Ekaterina Gaidouk, and illustrated by Julio Albelo, is a very cute book. The illustrations are very cute and bright. Ekaterina has written the story so that is is not just a cute children’s book, but also teaches a lesson, so that children can learn from Chi-Chi’s mistakes. The lesson in this book is to avoid greed and procrastination. I think that children will not only love this delightful story of Chi-Chi, but will also learn a valuable life lesson. Ms. Gaidouk, I sincerely hope there will be many more adventures for Chi-Chi the Chinchilla. I very highly recommend this beautifully illustrated and delightful book. The Adventures of Chi-Chi the Chinchilla is definitely “my cup of tea”!!!
Chi-Chi the Chinchilla may be purchased here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/110529529X
Lube of Life, by Mindy Mitchell and Edward Land, is a very humorous and delightful book about two [baby boomer age] people who try out an internet dating site. They become fast friends online and exchange personal contact information. The only problem is the distance between them. They eventually overcome their obstacles, and, what a journey they have! I wish you all the best and many years of happiness Ms. Mitchell and Mr. Land. I highly recommend this book. It is a very delightful read and insight to the world of online dating. Lube of Life by Mindy Mitchell and Edward Land is definitely “my cup of tea”!!
Lube of Life is published by New Jersey’s Turn the Page, and may be ordered here: http://www.amazon.com/Lube-Life-Tribute-Happiness-Boomer/dp/1938501144
Hood Wolves, by Taquila Thompson, is a book about street gangs, and how they affect one family in particular. The book begins as the father of four-year-old Bryson is arrested and sent to jail, and his mother Tasha has to raise him on her own. She tries to break the cycle of the involvement in street gangs. The book is an insight into this world and how it works. I loved this book and couldn’t put it down. There are two lines that I really like in this book, that kind of say it all…”When the grass is cut you see who the real snakes are…” and “He shouldn’t have written a check that his ass wasn’t ready to cash. Thank you Ms. Taquila Thompson for a very good book. Hood Wolves will capture the attention of the reader and not let you down. I very highly recommend Hood Wolves by Taquila Thompson. It is definitely my “cup of tea”!!
Taquila Thompson is editor-in-chief of Nu Urban Lyfe Magazine, a cultural and lifestyle publication discussing family, relationships, books, films, decorating and style. You may read Nu Urban Lyfe at http://www.nuurbanlyfemag.blogspot.com and order Hood Wolves here: http://www.amazon.com/Hood-Wolves-Taquila-Thompson/dp/1484899792
St. Peter’s Choice, by Dean T. Hartwell, is a very amusing book. St. Peter talks to three people who want to get into Heaven, but cannot. They bring up specific points, and debate why others get in whom they feel should not. St. Peter’s Choice is a very amusing book and I enjoyed it very much. I highly recommend this book. Thank you Mr. Hartwell for a book that is not only entertaining but also makes the reader think.This book is definitely “my cup of tea”.
You may purchase St. Peter’s Choice here: http://www.amazon.com/St-Peters-Choice-Dean-Hartwell/dp/1490335196/ The author’s an armchair philosopher who seeks to boldly express his beliefs while insulting no one. 
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