Essay from Elizabeth Hughes

Another year has come and gone. I pray everyone will be blessed through the New Year. I hope everyone’s holiday has been filled with love, laughter and blessings. What a year it has been for our community of book reviewers! I have reviewed and loved many books. I loved Matteo Foschi’s Mordraud One and Two and Adina Sara’s Blind Shady Bend and Rea Nolan Martin’s The Anesthesia Game just to name a few. What a special blessing and privilege it is to be able to read and review all the books we do. I do so hope that each and every one of the reviews helps others to decide to read the books that we recommend. I hope that this upcoming New Year will bring more exciting books to read and get lost in with our imaginations. Happy New Year everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Essay from Elizabeth Hughes

  1. Elizabeth,

    As a most grateful recipient of your passion, compassion, and yes, wondrously energizing enthusiasm I wish you the greatest of New Years. And when I say this, I’m sure I’m speaking for all who write to perceive the sounds of the world—yet hear only crickets in return . . . until a lone brave voice like yours echoes back our hopes and dreams of expression. Thanks is never enough for your heartfelt response and concern.


    NEW YEAR 2016

    The globe stages dreams
    Love and war ignites a peace
    Man’s resurrection

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