Essay from Elizabeth Hughes

Holiday Gifts
At this time of year the signs, fliers and containers come out for gifts for the needy. After Christmas I see brand new books either in our recycle bin or outside the trash room due to the kids not wanting that particular book. If I may make a suggestion, for babies and toddlers, get the cloth or card board books. Something that tiny hands can hold easily and won’t tear. Not all parents will or can read to their children, so something like a cloth book with bright colors and cute pictures would be great for them.
For older and elementary school children, get a gift card to a book store, that way the child can pick out the book that will stir their imagination and get them excited about reading. It doesn’t even have to be a major book store. Used books stores probably have gift cards or certificates also. The older child will come closer to reading if they are able to find something that really interests them. It will also make them feel good about their gift and the experience of picking out one of many books that are out there. Please if you do get a gift card, pick one that they are able to buy something with and not just a $5 gift card. The child probably will not find what they want with a small amount. I am not saying it has to be a lot, but just the price of a book.