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Coastal Maine sunset

Coastal Maine sunset

My trip to Maine was so very exciting for me. Having experienced the coast of Maine’s beauty with my family which allowed us to share the wonders of family in this magnificent setting.
Traveling the highways through Massachusetts and New Hampshire was very beautiful and feeling as though you are a wanderer trekking through the green forest in an unknown land  it was many hours on that bus, still it was relaxing as your mind became unencumbered with stress and worries.
Our accommodations were in blue and white with a nautical theme and right on the water with  a small balcony where one could observe the many boats rolling a little with the waves.  It was interesting to watch so many people walking and chatting or just sitting to wait for a beautiful sunset. As the sun slowly started to set, it began to reflect the golden rays across the sky but soon there were streaks of soft red and pinks creating a lovely vision to keep in our memories.
After breakfast the next day, we only had to walk a few steps to a tour boat for a cruise to see light houses, rocky places and beautiful homes along the way.  Sailing along on the Atlantic waters felt like the mariners of old taking their boat to sea to find their first catch of the day.  When the day became darkened, they had the many lighthouses to guide them home again.  Coastal Maine gives you a feeling of time standing still.  The cry of the gulls, the rolling waves of water splashing against the rocks and the far horizon as in a dream brings peace and a joyful feeling to one’s mind.

We return to the harbor and board our bus for a trip to Pemaquid, the famous lighthouse shown on the back of their quarter.  The scene ahead of us was one of  rocky places, a curving hilly road and the serene beauty before us. Standing guard over this magnificent work of nature was that imposing lighthouse with a small mariner’s museum next to it.  Because of the many upward steps and a final ladder to climb, my husband and I elected to visit the museum. It was interesting to see the many objects used by those mariners long ago.  Baskets and cages had to be carefully made by hand, tools for their work and many other necessary items. 
The next day, we left early on our bus that took us to Bar Harbor.   When we arrived, we immediately fell in love with this unique and picturesque coastal city.  Again, it is hard to describe your feelings as we walked around, stopping in shops and leisurely eating our take out lunch on a bench. We were upon a hill overlooking a park and seeing the harbor with its boats in a rhythmic  bobbing of the waves.  Clear skies, fresh air and finding yourself enveloped in the embrace of this time and place.  Too soon we had to board our bus for the drive back to Booth Bay Harbor. On the way back, we had a stop at Southport for a traditional lobster bake but other food was available for those of us who do not care for lobster.  The look on people’s faces who were eating their lobster was one of pure delight.
 Naturally we bought ourselves some souvenirs.  The only thing was that when we had finished our lunch on that bench, my husband had put the bag with leftovers inside the bag of souvenirs.  He decided he would get rid of our bag with the leftovers and walked to a large garbage disposal can and shoved the bag into it.  Unfortunately he threw away our souvenir bag as well.  It really is funny when I think of it but it was a bit discouraging at that time.
Once again, we boarded the bus and were driven to their beautiful Acadia National Park.   How wonderful it was to go around a bend in the hilly road and come upon the harmonious blend of sky, water and forest.  Breathtaking views with time for picture taking memories.
We arrived home late at night, tired but with our minds full of the special and wonderful bus trip to a place known as Coastal Maine.



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  2. Joan, you have taken us with you to Maine. Always you take us into your heart and feed our souls.

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