Halloween poetry from Joan Beebe


Halloween is coming,

A bewitching night, it seems.

The parents tell the children, have no fear.

And in the dark of the night, lights from some houses gleam

Inviting you to come with your pumpkin bag to fill,

so you draw near.

Of course you have to say, “Trick or Treat”.

To all the people that you meet.

Children running or some just walking but

You see ghosts, Cinderella, space men, and more

You run and hurry to the house next door.

You behold a welcome sight

Of people holding baskets of treats

And they are standing in the light.

Halloween is fun walking in the dark

And seeing ghosts and goblins running here and there,

But parents are watching and they are in their care.

Soon, the night is over and tired children slow down

Everyone is walking at a slower pace, their

Eyes are on their home with their pumpkin bag of treats.


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