Holly Sisson reviews Patty Lesser’s new novel Devouring Time


The Missing Link- A review of novel Devouring Time by Patty Lesser.

Reviewer, Holly Sisson, MA

Depth Psychologist

Patty Lesser's Devouring Time

Patty Lesser’s Devouring Time









Devouring Time steeps its readers right from liftoff in the delightful dilemma of nuanced character development between the regular Joe Schmoe and the sophisticated gentleman during a conversation had out of convenience and social politeness. The juxtaposition Patty has woven between these two becomes a question for the reader of what personality feels more relatable. A brilliant way to bring the reader right into the psyche and a story that unfolds with a few unexpected twists.

In fact, this novel spends a great deal of its prose on the development of the characters as they all become suspects in the mystery that unravels just predictably enough to keep the reader both engaged and on the edge of his or her seat.

In a pleasantly unexpected twist the central protagonist who is also the sophisticated gentleman is revealed to have some basic humanity himself as his relationship with women turns from a smug flirting to a more soft genuine love. Patty has a real knack for transforming relationships with heart and loyalty through the protagonist and into all of the characters in the story. Character development is 4 stars!

Patty Lesser’s focus on character development is joined by descriptions, for which the willing reader can almost taste and surely feel as imaginal textures, give the story a particular inviting warmth. A quick read. So cozy up with your best animal companion or that favorite lounge spot and expect love, mystery and suspense in the span of an afternoon teatime. You will devour this one right up!

As a woman author with a disability, Patty has really found a talent- a gift that really will keep on giving. I have seen her writing improve and her zest for it expand like a spring blossom. Enjoy! And keep on the lookout for her other books on Goodreads and Amazon.

You may order Patty Lesser’s Devouring Time here.