Poetry from Chika Onyenezi


I don’t like what

You look like

it doesn’t ring a bell

two toed demon

in my chamber


toe dancing

a pair of dead eyes


rapping on my soul

your song is an


two edged gods


yet I am thinking


I left my demons

in the day and

slipped into the night

into the black fog.

The sooth caresses me

forever rocking me.

The dynamo can no longer

blow on my face

the stars are quiet,

I howl at the moon


I am at peace

With the night


Papa cannot rich me

even though my penis

may not stand erect

I am man I am man.

Condoms and mollock

wife and mollock

padlock and mollock

promises and mollock


take me oh night

rock me in your fur skin

rock me gently

rock me slowly.

A Girl

I met you

When the night was dead

At James pub

Silly noises of crocking adults

Your eyebrows rolling

I stood still

I blinked

I was never shy

The icy lakes

By the graveyard

Stared at our clothed


I wished it

Saw us naked


It’s silly that I loved silly

I will go to hell

I have no body armor

I will burn


Stirring at the ice

I love you in Tracy’s voice

I love you while

You smoke

And smell like

A teen


I love whatever is left

Of you after he broke

Your heart

I have been silently


Silently waiting

I am thinking

Chika Onyenezi is a writer living in United States. His works have appeared in African Roar Anthology, Storytime, Munyori Literary Journal and elsewhere. He spends most of his time daydreaming and collecting wish trinkets from sea waves. He is also a wanderer.