Marconi Calindas, the Happy Artist

Marconi Calindas, a journalist and writer by profession, is making waves in San Francisco City and around the San Francisco Bay Area. He has graced invitations to display and exhibit his works at the Bayfair Mall in San Leandro and Newpark Mall in Newark. He is set to hold group shows at Aspect Gallery, Sudachi Restaurant and San Francisco City Hall Office of the Supervisors. He also has been invited this year to display his Mariana Art at the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill. He also has invitations to showcase his unique and colorful art at the University of California, Berkeley and a high school in Orlando, Florida in 2010. Marconi Calindas continues to work on more paintings to showcase the beauty of San Francisco and the Bay Area and the world around him. Marconi’s art has been popular in the US territories of Guam and Northern Mariana Islands as his clothing line Wear-A-Marconi™ ( since 2007. He translated his art onto shirts that depict the beauty of the islands. His works have been published on popular magazines and newspapers in the Pacific and as far as Japan. The Japanese and the Russian tourists of the islands have been the major fans of his work in the islands. For more information about Marconi’s art you may contact him at