Ilana Davis: Reality Translated into Figures and Aesthetics

From Ilana Davis:  

Art is the freedom to express your thoughts and feelings. Spontaneous creative freedom is expressed through the art of sculpture where the only restraints are technical, according to the medium. The elasticity of clay generates an immediate relationship and flow of ideas. Feelings can pour, unrestrained, directly to the medium; the clay becomes a tool through which the artist’s feelings and soul become tangible. 


Creation with metals is rigid and powerful, which compensates for clay’s shortcomings. With recycled scrap metal it is possible to create independent and immediate sculptures, free from supports. However, work with metal must be more premeditated and the free flow and connection with the medium is limited.


Sculptures are an extension of reactions to daily life, and reality is translated through figurative abstract sculpture. The influence of everything from books to current events to music is translated into solid expressions. Even somber ideas are presented aesthetically; illustrating that in pain there remains an outlet of beauty.

Ilana Davis may be reached through her website, or at and welcomes discussion and networking with other artists.