Poetry from Akinmade Zeal

Love Apart
You held me close to your side
in the rise of the setting sun
and spoke swiftly to my heart
like the tides of the ocean
It was nimble!
How I savour it,
Had those smiles not been perfunctory;
Had they not been smiles born of hostilities.
We were once great lovers,
polarized,cursed with schism by the greatness of
our sacred egos.
Now we tether on the brink of wars within our
we are love apart,
we are ourselves and our shadows,
we hold onto it to no avail
But, yet, we are successful:
holding on to nought.
We are love apart!
Smile the more, yet,
I can see through the lens of my love
the thicking cake of hatred that moulds in your heart like an anthill.
I harm myself,
Steel myself from the venom of your nimble hostilities
through love alone. Hate on while I love on.
We are love apart!
A. A. Zeal. (2017)