Poetry from J.J. Campbell


the road to oblivion
another drink on the road
to oblivion
all poetic souls are tortured
as much as they allow
themselves to be
most of us have a safe word
only the crazy ones go full
throttle into the torture and
find a way to enjoy it
i wear crazy as a sign of pride
a sign of blissful ignorance
to all the better ways to go
about it
sure, i will die early and
someone will bitch about
a wasted life
i just hope someone peels
back the layers of a poor
looking corpse
and realize all the marrow
was sucked out
just not the way you wanted
it to be
that doesn’t mean the existence
had any less meaning than your
sad fucking pathetic life

a bob ross painting
looking out
the window
of the hospital
at something
that resembles
a bob ross
happy little
trees and
puffy big
clouds off
in the
what those
paintings never
showed were
the kids down
on the corner
selling drugs
or the liquor
store being
robbed just
down the
racing through your veins
imagine sitting in a
waiting room across
from the cousin that
molested you
do you think you
would remain calm?
or do you think the
urge to kill would
be racing through
your veins?
before you strike,
think of who has
bail money first
why we grew to hate our fathers
welcome to
the shit show
all ego and
no talent
teaching the
kids the real
american way
cheat to win
and never ever
say sorry for
rules are for
those sad fucks
that need them
be a rebel
the dangerous
fuck that every
woman secretly
it’s not your
to be tamed
that’s the job
of whatever
lucky soul
gets to clean
out your
to the stunning black woman in the grocery store
i’ll come
across a
that simply
takes my
one of
these days
i’ll actually
to breathe
and say
J.J. Campbell
51 Urban Ln.
Brookville, OH 45309-9277





2 thoughts on “Poetry from J.J. Campbell

  1. All your words wraps around my emotions and they express the longing within me to connect to someone anyone to find myself. I really found the “Road to Oblivion” to be special to me.

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