Poetry from Joan Beebe


Two hearts entwined

In an unbroken circle

A pledge of everlasting love

To the end of time

A circle can become tarnished

Through all the years

But it remains unbroken

Because the memories of those

Words that were spoken so long ago

I love you with all my heart

And the ring remains as

A circle of love.


Once, we had a parakeet so blue

Each day brought smiles and something new.

We clipped  his wings so he couldn’t fly away,

But somehow, dear Buttons found a way

To fly down to the floor and do some exploring

He always knew what room we were in

And life with him was never boring.

He talked quite a bit and wished us “ Merry Chris”.

Then fly to the ceiling fan to watch so intently as there

Wasn’t a thing  he wanted to miss.

Coming down from his perch and over to his cage,

Where he preened himself until feathers all cleaned and

Properly laid

He was a bird so fine and we miss him so

But someday we’ll see him and he’ll fly to our side

And together again, we will abide




The word “Love” is a life changing word

When there is love, there is peace

When there is peace, there is harmony

When there is harmony, there is gentleness

When there is gentleness, there is nurturing

And when there is nurturing,

There is a positive growth in this world

2 thoughts on “Poetry from Joan Beebe

  1. Dear Joan, your words continue to give me comfort and inspire me to continue the journey into the light.

  2. Joan…as always I enjoyed your latest words….please keep up your good work….

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