Poetry from Joan Beebe

Night Sounds

Sleeping soundly without a care,

When suddenly I heard a step on the stair

I arose from my bed and tried to be quiet

I was terribly afraid but thought I should try it

To find out what could be that woke me from sleep

So into the hall I did manage to creep

I looked all around but nothing I found.

Suddenly there was music from downstairs,

It sounded like a piano and again I was scared.

I decided I had better take a look and what did I see

But a big old cat running up and down the keys

A window was left open and that’s how he got in

That’s why I heard that terrible din.

So if night sounds disturb you, just think of this.

Those sounds can be funny with such a strange twist!

The Passage of Time 

Like the wind blowing here and there

Changing to barely a whisper,

Time eludes us in the passing of days.

We look forward to a lovely spring

After a cold and snowy winter.

Time passes and we awake one morning

To the warming day with its

Promise of blue skies, pretty flowers

The sun in its splendor.

Time passes and soon we hear

Summer rain, thunder and wind.

But when it is over, there is

A beauty to the quiet and stillness we feel.

Again, time passes and the leaves

On the trees start changing color.

We are now in Autumn, a kind of

Magical season with scarecrows, full moons

And children trick or treating.

There is a sunny but cool, crisp air and

You breathe it in because it pleases you.

Finally, time passes and we see snowfalls,  enjoying

The first one as it seems to sit on the trees in a dazzling light.

Pine trees are a picture of such natural beauty

Now we watch with smiles as

Families are playing with their children

And building snowmen.  Sleds are

Brought out for fun , sliding down hills,

Then rushing back up the hill to

Fly down it again and cheeks

Getting red in the cold.

Christmas brings much joy to the

Family celebrations and there is

A different sense of peace in the world

Our passage of time for this year

Is now complete.