Poetry from Joan Beebe


We wonder, sometimes, about families we see,

Are they happy and content as they should be.

Behind their closed doors there may be strife

Affecting their home and always their life.

What makes a family so sad and despaired

There may not be enough love shared

That makes a person whole and happy and content

But that love has to be shown and really meant.

People yearn for a life that will bring the love they need

And, without knowing, we have planted the seed.

Looking back the way we lived was so different,
And, in a way, those things we miss.
There was the “ice man” who would come
To your house to deliver that block of ice
You needed for your “ice box”
He would put a very heavy pad over his shoulder, then
Using a large pick, the ice was slung over the pad and he
Carried it in to your ice box and put it in the special
Cold box-light shelving inside.  Kids were always
Asking for a small piece of ice.  You always had
To have a drip pan underneath the ice box
Because eventually the ice would start to melt.
Then there was the baked goods truck.  When the back door
Was opened, there was the most delicious aroma of sweetness.
Your mother would go out to that truck, look over the baked goods
And decided whatever goodies she would buy – kuchens, cakes,
Pies, sweet rolls, cookies, breads, dinner rolls. 
Of course, there was the “rag man”.  Old or worn out clothes
Were stuffed in a bag and given to that rag man.  I think the man
Would pay you a small amount of money for those items.
A man with sharpening tools in his truck would stop
By to see if you needed any knives, etc. sharpened.
You just took those out to him and he sharpened them for you.
The milk man would leave your order of milk in a small cupboard type opening in the side of
The house with a door.  The milk man would put the milk bottles inside and you could open
 it from inside your home.  The milk was always in bottles and the cream was on
top.  In the winter, sometimes the cream would freeze and push itself up and partly outside the bottle. 
You could always leave a note inside the milk box to change Your order .
Going to the movies was really different.  Young and old alike would attend the movies at a neighborhood theater.  But for the children, especially, it was a whole new world.  For about a quarter or less, one could  buy your ticket, buy popcorn, a drink and perhaps a candy bar.
The theater showed two full length movies, several cartoons, news and previews.
  It was a full afternoon and lots of fun.
Front porches were found on most houses and they were friendly and inviting to all who
passed by. Neighbors would stop to chat and have a glass of iced tea.
Children played, at times, on those porches.
On a very hot night during the summer, one could sleep
 on that porch and watch the twinkling stars.
Sundays were visiting days for friends and relatives. No one had to
Call to say they were coming as this was the custom at that time.
You were expected to invite them to stay for dinner.  Most of the time
There was plenty of food to share.
That is a lost time but one we remember fondly.  We have wonderful
Advances in technology but somehow we still miss the slower pace of life
Back then and the lives we all shared as we remember those days of long ago.