Poetry from Joan Beebe

The Rising and Setting of the Sun


   A new day dawns and there is an eerie silence around us.

We wonder as we look at the darkened sky

And we perceive a tiny sliver of gold appearing.

With a shimmering afterglow that gives one a feeling of

Being in another time and place.

Now the rays of the sun shine bright upon the earth

Our senses awake more intensely

We are one with the panorama before us

There is a freshening of life upon the earth.

Slowly but steadily we watch the morning sun appear.

It has beauty as shades of pink

begin to stretch out across the sky.

In the quiet of this new day,

we reflect on the gifts of this sun

Our spirits are lifted and we are happy

We are thankful for the warmth and nourishment it provides.

As the day ends, we watch the slow setting of the sun.

The sky becomes a canvass of red, pinks and gold with

Streaks of light clouds blending in so beautifully that

It becomes a palette of colors across the sky.

It is now the quiet time of the night and we rest.


A Broken Heart

There are times when life seems to overwhelm us

We become trapped in a world of our own and

Our hearts cry out for love and understanding.

Time seems to stand still in this place of longing

Nothing seems to change and we become

A prisoner of a broken heart

Another Day

I wake up after only a few hours of sleep

My mind starts overpowering me with what is to come’

Why must it be full of shouting and misery?

The day seems endless and there are tears

Where is the joy that should be part of this day

What is there upon which I can look forward

Just shouting, tension and stress

Yes, it is another day.

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  2. Dear Joan,

    Your work has a voice of clarity and passion.

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