Poetry from Joan Beebe


The sun’s golden rays

shine gently down upon the trees,

And it makes me want to say,

O Lord, I thank thee.

The burnished colors of

Red and orange and gold

Stir a feeling of contentment

Within my soul.

Another summer has passed us by, and yet,

When I gaze at the autumn sky,

I feel the peace and joy

of your love near by.

Fall, A Time of Harvest 

Fall, a time of harvest,

scarecrows in fields of corn.

The moon is bright and full with

Dark clouds moving slowly across making

It a bewitching sight to behold.

There is an aura of magic in the season–

A time of change!

Leaves now have colors of red, yellow and orange;

They fall sometimes in a whirlwind of beauty.

Scented smoke rises from chimneys–

Pumpkins appear in front of homes and

Red and juicy apples are ready to eat.

Apple pies are seen, not only in stores but

Along roadways, with signs urging you to purchase

Their delicious home-made pies.

The sun is shining and warm most days,

But the air is cool and crisp bringing

Energy and pleasure as we behold the beauty of this season!


A World of Stress

When we are unhappy and under stress, people try to comfort us.  They mean well but it is not that easy.  We have to take one step at a time.  I think that if we are able to look to the future with hope, we do have a chance to be happy.  Looking to the future may help get us past this unhappy and negative time.  Though many people possess a spirit of kindness and caring, often others can be hurt so much that they cannot see a better future.  Finding out the special things that were once enjoyed may help to give the little push we need to get started.  Each person has their own interests and they may bring satisfaction in creating or accomplishing something.

We have strength to pursue our dreams.  This world is hard to live in because some people, instead of enjoying the beauty and abundance that surrounds us,  take a path of bitterness and hatred.  What joy they are missing in a  glorious sunrise and sunset, the intoxicating smell of flowers, the whisper of a cool wind on your face on a hot day or the sparkle-like diamonds on a snow frosted pine tree, the smile on a baby’s face.  Then a friend shows up and hugs are given.  The day seems a bit lighter and your heart and soul rejoices in that friendship.

Life is up and down but we can make it the best life if we just try to believe,

 have faith and keep going.

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